Since I ended Ask Anything 2 and set up formspring I’ve gotten 120+ questions. The horrible thing about formspring tho’ is that it doesn’t have a search option so it makes multiple questions more prevalent. It’s also a bit of an annoying typing format :^_^;;: However I’ve gotten some great questions on formspring and I thought I’d share them here before I start Ask Anything #3 :rila:

Cute Toshiba Ad near Ueno Park mimicing the swan boats.

You can submit new questions for Ask Anything 3 in the comments below :cheery: My only request is that you do a google search to see if google can answer it for you, since well I don’t like being someone’s search engine :^_^;;: I’m open to anonymous questions, you’re welcome to put a fake e-mail or such. :wink:

Hi I REALLY want to become gyaru and i dont know where to start :( do you have any tips? or maybe some basics that i need to get in order to start looking the part? P.S your blog is AMAZING!! thanks so much!

Get every gal magazine you can. Buy, download whatever.

Those magazines being: Nuts, Ranzuki, Egg, Jelly, SCawaii, Popteen, Ageha

Then find what you like about those magazines. What clothing.hairstyle.nail.make-up in the magazines makes you squeal with excitement. Can you do it? Do you have something in your wardrobe like it?
Do you see street snaps in the magazines, is their a coordinate that you like? Why? Can you see yourself wearing it? Then get to it!

The key in beginning gal is to use your preexisting wardrobe. Then discover what you’d like to add that you consider gal.

Think about EVERYTHING.

Is your hair the gal style you want?
Is there something you can do with your current hair to make it how you like within gal?

Are your nails on point?
Read this article about current nail trends:

Do you have clothing that mimics trends within gal?
If you’re read my site you hopefully know those ♥

Lastly: read this

Hi, I was wondering if you know anything about a gyaru scene in Okinawa? I know it’d be pretty small since its not mainland, but what about in Naha/the capital? by s0undboythrilla

I am sure it’s mostly seasonal since it is a tourist destination for many.

However there is a gal mall in Naha
The Naha OPA
It seems more gal stores have come in in the last year, so possibly gal is rising in Okinawa! ^_^
There’s: Duras, DIA, Esperanza, SLY, Gilfy, Shake Shake, Lip Service, Egoist, Spiral Girl, Moussy, Rojita, Glad News, GOA, Heaven and Earth, ANAP.

They’re on the 1-3 floors. I imagine it’s a bit like the Fukuoka gal mall.

One of the best things to check out is the DIA staff blog of Okinawa.

Shop Staff from the DIA in Okinawa from the DIA Okinawan blog ♥

DIA is extremely traditional gal (meaning all the things like leopard print, sexy combination pieces, gold detailing etc…). Their shopstaff looks super cute!

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Since I hadn’t shown the Murua catalog, but shown the Emoda catalog take a look at some great catalog shots. So much fun attitude in these! :up: I also discovered some staff blogs for all Murua stores so let’s dig in to tons of lovely pics :hearts2:

Now Murua can be considered Oneegyaru (お姉ギャル), it’s a brand that appeals to those older gals. The types of gals who shop at Sly, Moussy, snidel, Mercury Duo, Egoist, Golds 81 and Duras. Murua gets coverage in SCawaii, Blenda, Nuts and Jelly which appeal to older gals. These kind of gals are most found on 6th floor of 109 that houses Moussy and Duras. However, they’re also found at Marui, Marui Jam and Lumine EST in Shinjuku.

Murua details:
katakana: ムルーア
number of stores: 13 (already!!)
stores in Tokyo: Marui Jam Shibuya B1F, Ikebukuro Parco B1f, Lumine EST Shinjuku B1F
producer: Momoko Ogihara 荻原 桃子
this season’s concept: “Charming Girl” Sometimes sweet, sometimes cool, this girl is able to change depending on her mood.
random facts:
1. Their offices are located in Osaka. Which is pretty rare for any fashion brand.
2. They are owned by a conglomerate which also runs Emoda, Dazzlin’, Mercury Duo, Laguna Moon and Han Ahn Soon.

Shots from their Spring Summer 2010 Catalog. All shots can be found on their website. :stars:

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Sorry it’s been a break between posts. Family surprise visit robbed me of sleep and my blogging time. Now I want both back :hearts3:

I really love how Mode Gyaru is buzzing around the overseas gal blogosphere :stepup: Rebecca of Kira Kira Dreams has already taken up the Mode Gyaru gauntlet and created her own Mode Gyaru look. The bow, shoes and lace top all echo Mode trends :upheart: Mada who has my favorite make-up blog, I Like Make-up created a very strong Mode eye with Duraline. I’m loving it ladies, keep it coming! If you have a Mode post, let me know so I may link it :up:

Also, a big thank you to Hana at Finding Tokyo for linking me along with other great blogs in her Weekly Wrap-up. She finds the best posts! :loveword:

Emoda on Real Gals

The two strong new Mode Gyaru brands Emoda and Murua have developed strong mixi communities. Emoda with 8,965 people joining the biggest community and Murua with 7,873 in their biggest community. To put this into perspective the biggest w♥c community has 7,135 people, but the biggest Gilfy community has 19.748 people. As a reminder, you must have a Japanese cellphone with internet access to join mixi, so those without mixi accounts will not be able to view the communities. :sparkle:

The Emoda community has a lovely coordinate thread with real gals doing cute looks. :loveword:

Cute mix of prints emphasizing the bandage skirt, large bright flower print and cropped top trends.

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Last of my Kobe pics! Thanks for all the lovely comments! I think there’s some good cheap gal shopping to be had in Kobe (in the covered mall to the right of the station) and in OPA. However as the 6th largest city it is limited in its gal activities. My friend and I even had a hard time finding a game center with purikura :^_^;;: But don’t like that stop you from galling yourself up and enjoying Kobe!

Most people just club in Osaka since it’s close. I think the problem with Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe being so close together (an hour away from each other or less), is that it dilutes all the concentration that a city like Tokyo has.

There is definite gal in Kobe, however don’t expect a Shibuya-like atmosphere.

Kobe Gal Services

However, smaller cities often have cheaper hair/nail/tanning places, so if you’re there for a while you might want to check out a deal.

A sign for Kobe gal hair salon Tomato


For example, in hot pepper salon ACHIEVE アチーブ is running an exte special for all-you-want (つけ放題) for 8800 yen (around $90.00). It’s near impossible to find exte hodai for under 10000 yen in Tokyo.

Here’s an example from their Hot Pepper site of their work :sparkle2:

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