Evris is turning to lush fabrics, jewels, leopard and leather to create a Fall 2014 style exhibition titled “Modern Billy Star“. For me it’s the best original style for Fall 2014 that I’ve seen come out of Shibuya 109 brands. I’ll be profiling more later, but for now let’s enjoy Evris for Fall.



In Ayano Sasaki’s words translated from here are…

“Modern Billy Star” is

A Rockabilly style that’s directly influenced by her boyfriend who’s always beside her and she’s a “High Teen Girl” who’s always the center of attention. Trapped between girl and womanhood she’s not afraid to try all the sides of womanhood. She’s a girl who’s able to transform into a good girl in front of her mom to a bad girl with her boyfriend. British street fashion is the base with earthy colors as the center, the styling is always modern, with leather and leopard along with original prints to create a cheeky rock style that’s easily interchangeable.

It’s the new style of “FASHION = NO RULE” a “MODERN BRITISH STREET” with “ROCKABILLY” to create a new “FASHION”.

The season’s colors are Dark Brown, Dark Green, Bordeaux and Navy.

The season’s prints are plaid, leopard, paisley, flower and dot.

The season’s textures are lace, leather and tortoiseshell.

Rockbilly is influenced by old style American films such as “Grease”, “America Grafitti” and “Crybaby”.

It’s not girly and it’s not exactly lady-like either. The biggest inspiration is Traci Lords from the movie “Crybaby” not just in style but in mood as well.


Traci Lords (right) who was super fabulous in “Crybaby”

Evris Fall 2015 TouchMe Runway looks

I’m going to mostly let you guys enjoy the runway style and just mention some Fall 2014 trends that go all across Japan style for the upcoming season.


Print mix, structured bags, pointy shoes, sock influence, long coats


Headbands, jeweled, looser denim, pearls, short leather jackets


Color + monotone mix, backpacks. earrings over necklaces

evris-fall2015-runway-5 evris-fall2015-runway-6

Vintage vanity bags. Hairbows.


Crushed velvet (rolling over from last Fall)


Midi and knee-length skirts 100% fall trend now, one color dressing

evris-fall2015-runway-9 evris-fall2015-runway-10 evris-fall2015-runway

90s grunge with lace over shirts. Majority of details above the bust and below the knee.

Runway Closeups and Evris Exhibition details


This look for me stole the runway. Very everyday but wonderful details like jeweled neckline and comfortable slight acid wash pants. The leather jacket although fake looks remarkable supple.


The tortoiseshell is a big highlight for me. It looks marvelous against the crushed velvet and delicate lace socks. A basic yet not basic. Structured bags and preppy style shoes such as oxfords and loafers are going to be very popular for Fall.

Tortoiseshell I haven’t seen as much in other brand’s collections but I bet it will grow. Tortoiseshell is known as べっ甲 | べっこう | bekkou in Japanese.


The jewel chain necklines are fabulous. I really want a shirt.


The highwaist life continues. Again check out how the details happen above the bust and below the knee.


Plaid (known as “check” in Japan) is going to be big this year. I like Evris’s more modern take on the look.

EV10 EV11




Evris Fall Coordinates

Coordinates by producer Ayano Sasaki and exhibition staff fully in AW 2014 Evris style.

ayano-sasaki-evris-fall2015-style evris-ayanosasaki-brandstyle-fall2015 evris-fall2015-style-coordinate

Again I’m quite excited about this brand for Fall. I’ve been feeling that brands have become a bit boring with their choices, but instead Evris hasn’t gotten flashy but more rich. The deep tones and jewels and pearls make the pieces look elegant but they’re always paired with something to keep it casual or funky.

More gyaru news: Blenda magazine is closing with it’s August issue. As I tweeted earlier, Blenda magazine is closing. Vivi, Jelly, (new)Ranzuki, and Popteen are the still holding strong. Blenda for me is the most shocking. Although I’ve considered their style quite boring their main models especially Ide Reiko have always been beloved. Ide Reiko now has a new brand to concentrate on “Love is….Tokyo” which I’ll blog about soon (hopefully before Norway trip).

Need more Evris ? Soon another shop staff and Fall style but check out the brand introduction here

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