My fourth post on sakura foods and there are some slim pickings lately when it comes to sakura flavored items. It seems the taste preference is switching to strawberry. Japanese it seems think it’s more of a taste foreigners like instead or in super ‘wa’ (Japanese-style) areas of Japan, I saw the most in Kyoto. Sakura kit-kat are available year around at the airports but not really outside of them.

This year Mister Donut Philippines is doing a seasonal sakura offering while Mister Donut Japan is doing a strawberry tasting. Admittedly both foods are pink and sakura flavor is a made up flavor, but strawberries are wonderful everywhere(Norway especially has some delicious strawberries) while sakura is a Japanese.
Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 5.41.07 PM

Darn you Phillipines! I want to eat a sakura cronut.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.34.26 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.34.35 PM


 Mister Donut Japan’s 2015 offerings of a strawberry fare. On sale now.

The Sakura Foods of 2014 I had


The most traditional of the sakura foods: Sakuramochi (桜餅 wiki) which is a red bean filled, pink rice cake wrapped in a sweet pickled sakura leaf.


Japan Haagen-Dazs had three flavors for the season: Sakura, Rose and White Peach Raspberry. The rose was my favorite.


Shinjuku Lumine EST all you can eat buffet place Bittersweet Paradise has a lovely red bean and sakura sauced waffle.

sakura-foods-sakura-warabi-box sakura-foods-sakura-warabi

From Kyoto Takashimaya I found some Sakura Warabi (桜蕨) which is more delicate than traditional mochi.


Strawberry flavors invading! Found an ichigo-daifuku Choco Cro at the Hyogo Choco Cro.


An actual Ichigo-Daifuku (イチゴ大福) which is always popular during spring. This was one was from Arashiyama next to my Chirimen sakura Mt. Fuji. I love Kyoto Chirimen.


A traditional hanami-dango at Arashiyama with Yomogi.


A sakura taiyaki from a small stall at Fukushima’s sakura viewing.


A sakura onigiri and the taiyaki both from Fukushima. Thank you Fukushima for your sakura food options!


Random finds in a Fukushima shopping arcade, both from Sendai (which is quite close to Fukushima).

A sakura donut and a sakura flavored “pie”. I don’t remember the donut flavor, possibly just gave it to my girl Alice. The “pie” was more PopTart.


An odd find was sakura ice cream at a “Warawara” izakaya in Tokyo. I told my friend to make them into boobs, she obliged. I’m an adult who was sober. One of those statements was true.

I’m excited to do a 2015 post soon, but I hope they’re not even more lacking than 2014. It seems to keep going down.  :regret:

Previous Sakura food posts:

Sweets Forest in Jiyugaoka – Sakura themed desserts | Q-Pot cafe in Harajuku with Sakura tasting | A collection of Sakura foods (2013) | A few Sakura foods (2011)


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Sweets Forest in Jigyuoka (スイーツフォレスト) (website) is in a well-to-do part of Tokyo near Daikanyama. It’s a collection of sweets makers under one sugar-coma roof. Sweets Forest is not like Sweets Paradise with a tabehoudai (all you can eat) system. Instead it’s a pay as you eat system of moderately priced desserts. Expect to spend around 1,000-1,600 yen ($10-$16) to get your fill.

The quality of sweets is definitely much higher so you might have the side effects of feeling fancy. I definitely recommend going during their seasonal themes. Each patisserie and dessert maker puts out their own special dessert for that theme. But it seems they’re always doing a theme. January’s was warm desserts. Sounds amazing!


Sweets Forest Sakura Themed Special Desserts


The macaron cookie from Masayume Sakayume was filled with cream, red bean and sakura blossoms. Very delicious!


Sakura themed jelly x custard mix from Hong Kong Sweets. Was simply amazing!


Mix-in Mixcream’s sakura season waffle was a plain Belgian waffle topped with red and sakura mixed in ice cream.


I always start off my Sweets Forest foray with a savory crepe from Merci Crepe. Their ceasar salad crepe with a soft boiled egg is so delicious!

Sweets Forest Christmas Special Desserts


The macaron and berry Christmas themed boot from Berry Berry was so-so. The tiny berries were amazing, but the boot was filled with cream. Just cream. YUCK


A bear shaped pudding from Masayume Sakayume I think was Christmas-gentei (seasonal)


Pancakes are such a boom in Japan so macaron maker Irina did a chocolate, pistachio and raspberry themed Christmas one.


Not seasonal but the Kulon from Hong Kong Sweets is so cooling and not-too-sweet. The little pieces of fruit always taste fresh. It’s bestie Alice and mine’s favorite non-seasonal dessert.

Photos from the inside of Sweets Forest


All the cut-out fall forest decor is there year around. The first image is of Hong Kong Sweets.

Yes during our sakura season visit there was a sumo wrestler there with his handler (man in the plaid). Sumo wrestlers are a bit rare to see, but during tournaments you’ll see them more.


If I’ve sold you on Sweets Forest to visit here’s a map and my Sweets Forest recommendations.


Hong Kong Sweets everything I’ve gotten from them is amazing! Berry Berry can be hit and miss and sometimes Nature-Marche is a bit too cake and filling, but it’s usually tasty.


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Sakura season has ended, but it makes such beautiful memories. I gathered up all my sakura pictures from around Tokyo and some in other cities. Also, some great Sakura themed food items. All for the weekend photo post   :stepup:

A tree lighting up the bleak view of Ueno park. Usually the brown sticks are fat lotus blossoms that coat the lake, but sakura now take the stage.

Elsewhere in Ueno faux lanterns with ads for places in Ueno (even gal mall aBaB) line the walkways.

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