A shorter mode post today since if you’re a facebook or twitter friend you may have guessed it’s a busy day for me :oops:

This week as I mentioned The Doll is all about Mode style.

:star2: Mode Inspired Make-up
:star2: Introducing Mode Gyaru
:star2: Mode Gyaru in Magazines
:star2: Mode Gyaru Street Snaps and In Store Trends
:star2: Mode Hair how-tos
:star2: Lip Service 109 to Overseas
:star2: Trendwatching: Dots & Stripes
:star2: Mode make-up 2: The smoky gyaru eye

So if you’ve picked up any older gyaru magazine lately (Jelly, Blenda, Nuts, SCawaii), you would have noticed the giant MODE usually in English popping out from a section of the magazines. Seriously it’s gone to extremes, SCawaii June issue discusses how to mix MODE with Sweet. It’s just all sorts of wrong, but I’ll forgive them.


Since in SCawaii’s March issue they broke down MODE trends pretty well. I think they’re missing some key looks, so I’ll be using them and pointing out some other key looks. :cheery:

SCawaii is mixing Mode with Celeb, there are certain differences. So I’ll be saying which is booming and not so booming in Mode Gyaru.

Young Celeb Mode is the Keyword

1. Deco Shoulder – This also fits with the military trend. This is not exactly a pure mode trend.

2. Bandage Skirt THE BIGGEST MODE TREND IS THE BANDAGE SKIRT. A tight lined miniskirt in the style of Herve Leger is the key for many Mode looks.

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So hopefully everyone who reads this blog is clear on the prevailing trends of the season. The issue is how to transfer those trends onto such a small surface such as nails. A cowboy hat doesn’t easily work out in 3-d, and you can’t really make cancan hats your nail theme (well you could, but…).

But there have been some good trends showing up in nails and many are extremely easy for the novice nailist.

I keep seeing you guys on your blogs showing your coordinates, but I’ve been witnessing a nail lack as of late. With the exception of blooomzy’s lovely Minnie nails and Violet LeBeaux’s crafty princess hands, which are both fabulous.

netizen translation: MOAR NAILZ PUREEZ! :wink:

Unlike old gal habits of extreme hair bleaching and tanning which have lessened, nails are still popular! The great thing about nail trends is you don’t need to have much skill to put on a coat of popular polish. The fabulous part of going with nails is you’re extending your gal look even further when you choose to stick with nail trends.


Ethnic nails are the answer to those trying out a western style or going with floral prints. They showcase texture and color instead of hard lines or noticeable design. SCawaii March issue features 2 beautiful sets.

Close-up of the process.

They painted the nail a lovely eggshell turquoise (a bit of a Tiffany Blue :wink: ) and then used a sponge to apply gold paint.

This is such a great style to try at home for novice nailists! I promise you this will be seen on my hands before summer is out. :waves:

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