Rienda details:
katakana: リエンダ
website: http://www.rienda.jp/
number of stores: 7
this season’s concept: “Latina” colors give it sexy mixed with “Mystic Girly” nude colors give an edge to girly style.
what it’s really this season: Adult Girly mix with a few bold colors thrown in.
year began: 2004
model: Vivi’s Kana Oya

Aye papi! Can we get a nomination for Reinda for “worst use of English in a s/s catalog” for 2010? Oh dear and Mystic Girly :huh:  You’d think she was some patchouli smelling hippie instead of a bodycon chica. :P

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Thanks to madeleine for pointing out my unconscious shortening of ShibuyaHarajuku Style. I tend to just engrish it to ShiHara シハラ, but it’s better known to Popteen and Popsister readers as Shibu-Hara-Kei 渋原系. However, to Egg readers it’s known as Hara-Shibu-Kei 原渋系. As long as you know it’s a mix of Harajuku streetwear + 109 gal styling, you’re good! :cheery:

Popteen’s PopSister March Preview

PopSister gets a little love and little grump from me. I absolutely love Shihara style. Living a 10 minute walk to Takeshita-dori in Harajuku an almost equally 6 minute walk to Shibuya 109, I was in Shibuya Harajuku (although admittedly my heart lies somewhere within the cylinder of 109, even if I do have a few pieces from stores at LaForet :hearts2: )! The problem is after the first issue of PopSister I kept seeing the same looks.

It really seemed to me this was the Shibuhara Equation.

Shibuhara/HaraShibu Equation

Head: Nerdy large glasses and/OR pompom ski hat
Shirt: Flowy shirt dress with writing OR Nerdy layered stripes + tee with writing
Bottoms: Loose hotpants OR frill skirt
Tights: Printed tights mismatching w/ top OR slouchy socks
Shoes: Cowboy boots, engineer boots, or sneakers (best if high tops)

Any style if it’s predictable, even if it’s good can get boring. PopSister fell into this trap for me. -_-
HOWEVER… that has really changed with PopSister’s insert in the March issue of PopTeen.

:sparkle2:  YAY!!! :sparkle2: :hearts:

“I want to be a grown up lady in Shibuhara!” (lit: I want to do grown up lady in Shibuhara style) View Post

With Tsubasa reviving the magazine PopSister, there’s been a rise in crossover of Shibuya Gal with Harajuku casual. The blending is pretty easy to consinder since it’s only a 15 minute walk from Takeshita in Harajuku to Centaagai in Shibuya. However what defines ShibuHara/HaraShibu is not so understandable.

Yurukaji (aka loose casual), perfect for sweaty summer

ShibuHara-kei for me has to be one of two things

– A blending of harajuku casual with gal [not often seen] – Wearing a store that is prominent in both districts

Now since reason 2 might not be as understandable, but clothing stores like ANAP, BAPE, Hysteric Glamour and LDS fronted Girl’s Voices are all acceptable.

When wearing from these brands it’s important to portray the rest of yourself as gal if you are looking to go very ShiHara. Nails, false bottom and top eyelashes, overly styled hair etc… One of the main reasons to enjoy Shihara is that its casual where sneakers and loose-fit jeans prevail.

Get casual NOW!

August is the absolute worst time to be in Japan. Honestly, if you have flight plans work your hardest to change it a month forward or backward. It rains the most in August and it is deadly humid and hot. You just melt and sweating makes your feet create horrible blisters in heels. So casual and comfortable is the best idea this month.

The forever young Aki Hoshino (who did the Gilfy 08 catalog) in Bape fall 09 catalog

Bape HARAJUKU – 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-21-5
Bape SHIBUYA – 東京都渋谷区宇田川町13-17 ライズビル (gmap)

Bape Harajuku usually has more selection and also a seperate ladies floor, but both are great.

BAPE history

BAPE was founded by Nigo in 1993, a lot of Japanese people I’ve met are unfamilar with BAPE but familar with Nigo. He has a crazy tv show on MTV Japan you can watch all episodes here region free. BAPE has blown up and a lot of hiphop celebs love it. Pharrell has a joint company with Nigo and Kanye West is one of the BAPE heads. The best thing is Bape now has stores in London, Paris, New York and LA and a US webstore. So you can get Shihara kaji by shopping at home.

bape nerd is a great place to get info

Bape is Gyaru loved

So ATOM head dj, Tora, was a huge fan of Bape in ’07-’08. It was impossible to see him out of it. This seemed to rub off on Royal Cast dj crew member and event night dj and local hottie, Satoshi (he’s in Bape on his profile pic). Who at the time was dating Egg model Kanako. Now Kanako seems to be a long lover of BAPE and posted recently about getting the Fall lookbook and putting the stickers on her cellphone.

Can it fit me, hell yeah it can!

Sizes for girls go from XXS to S, with the S being almost an American Medium. Although a lot of tee prints are unisex which range up to men’s XXL.

Alright show me some bape!

Kanako in Bape shirt and cap with crazy dresser Verbal

Her bape-stickered phone

Their new silver and gold prints for fall

Their shark hoodie in cute drawn form

Baby Milo is popular with gals (and with me!)

A whole outfit with Bape trucker and jeans

Cute hairtie for any outfit

Brand new girls LE Milo x Ghostbusters tee

My comfy Bapestas for fall

There’s always cute designs and bape tees are made out of great thick comfy material, it’s also great for the bkei girls around. So go ahead nuts “go Ape Shit, especially in my Pastelle in my Bape shit…”