One of the more bizarre posts I’ve made about gyaru brands and shop staff, Rady shop staff in Shinjuku Lumine EST were arrested and charged with stealing clothes.


Rady charisma shop staff HyeonJeong and Risa currently in jail for theft.

Rady shop staff thievery news

On February 3rd three Rady shop staff were arrested at the main Shinjuku Lumine EST store. The one I previously talked about as one of the most successful stores in Tokyo.

I previously quoted in the gyaru decline article that “Rady currently reports profits from only its Shinjuku Lumine store as 60,000,000yen monthly. About $500k a month.”

Those arrested were current employees and popular shop staff Ko HyeonJeong (高賢貞) and Katsumata Risa (勝又里紗). Along with former staff member Kaida Ren (海江田廉) a guy.


All three together including former shop staff Kaida Ren.


Formal police layout to show the clothing they took.


Taking around 25 coats and jackets worth about 10,000 USD

They were arrested for taking 1.1 million yen (around 10,000USD) worth of clothing last November through December from the Shinjuku Lumine Est warehouse in the basement below. Taking mostly big items like coats and jackets. The news program reports the items mostly coming from Hysteric Glamour which is a pricey denim and casual brand.

It has come out during the investigation that they have looted various warehouses and clothing thought to total 5 million yen ($45,000USD) starting in Spring 2014.

They realized they could enter a warehouse as long as they said they were shop staff and take whatever. They always took clothing from stores other than Rady.

According to a news report the people are reported as doing it solely for money.


“I wanted some extra cash.” says Risa

In a statement they said they wanted some extra cash and their regular salary wasn’t cutting it. They made the money by reselling the clothes to thrift stores. The news program reports reselling mostly to a used store in Shimokitazawa.

Despite the glamorous appearance of shop staff, Rady Shop staff who work there only get paid around 880 yen an hour. For those curious HyeonJeong’s instagram.


Risa being arrested


HyeonJeong being taken away.

A news report about the thefts.

Shinjuku Lumine EST Rady closing

Rady’s parent company SMBrand issued a formal apology on February 4th but it’s been silent since then. Yesterday February 21st Rady announced on their official blog post that they were closing their Shinjuku Lumine EST store. They have also wiped out any trace of HyeonJeong, Risa and Ren from the shop staff ameblo.

Founder and designer Shizuka Mutoh wrote that the Shinjuku Lumine EST store will be closed because of this business. The Omotesando store will stay open as well as the Osaka location. She aims to make the Omotesando location the jewel of the brand. I have a blog post coming with Rady Tokyu Plaza Omotesando shop staff and I’ll show off the store!


This is a big blow to Rady. It’s their most expensive store and was only renewed a few months ago.


The glass casing around the chandelier print was actually their dressing room that fogs up when someone uses it.


Along with that there were 2 video walls and Swarovski decoed earphones in Rady prints.

Good luck Rady and good riddance thieves.

News sources:

Mainichi Daily English about the original arrest

Breaking News JP

GirlsChannel chat about the Rady thieves. 

A big thanks to Oneegyaru lover Charlotte keeping up with the story and updating on the closure. 

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If there’s anything I’m good at, it’s shopping. I also love talking to shop staff so this creates the perfect opportunity to take some pictures.

Before anyone complains about privacy issues, I asked them all and told them it would be on my blog.


AYANO from 109 EGOIST.

She cracked the hell up when I started speaking to her. She was in shock. It was really funny. I really liked her though and since I like EGOIST’s Fall collection I’ll definitely see her again.

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I am in love with Cecil McBee for one reason right now and that is because 17 of its stores have official ameblos (check out the entire list here). Most of them started back in 2009, so I am soooo late to the party. :worry: However, they’re just amazing! So many of them update regularly and show off new pieces. It doesn’t hurt that Cecil is so big that there’s always new pieces. :stars:

However what I really like is seeing blogs from different parts of Japan. It’s not just Osaka and Tokyo reporting (like WC), or even Nagoya (Gilfy). Instead Cecil has blogs in Sapporo, Hiratsuka, Utsunomiya, and Sendai also. :upheart:

Maybe it’s the sociologist in me, but I just love this. It’s a way to see how gal looks in Sendai and these far flung places where I might not visit. :loveword:

Also for those of you who looked at the catalog bits from Cecil and thought HMPH that’s NOT gal, look at the shop staff.

Toot-toot-tooot :music: Presenting the shop staff of Cecil McBee in their fall collection :hands:

This girl is so adorable and I love the black version of the boho look that Liz Lisa is favoring (in brown of course :wink: )

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Due to kitty delays I’m going to be packing this all in, so we’re going to go fast on the Doll. Autumn collections for 7 brands in 7 days (if everything works out right :^_^;;: ) Lots of lovely eyecandy to see and trends to discuss :upani:

This is a post about EGOIST for Fall 2010, but it’s a post also about shop staff. make-up and more :stepup: Super image heavy post today with 26 images below :upheart:

EGOIST details:
katakana: エゴイスト
style: celeb, adult, casual
website: english
number of stores: 27 + 3 outlets + 2 stores in Hong Kong
since: 1996
this season’s concept: Play Gothic “Only one mouth for a reason, a dream within a dream”
what it’s really this season: Celeb casual with strong overseas concept
model: Seri Iwahori (34 year old ex-Vivi model)

Promo Shots

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