Another Sly girl to add to the list! I feel like I’m snapping some of the most cooly casual girls. Like I said in my Sly Japan fall post the shop staff are always simple stylish.


-brace yourself Mitsu rants-


Walking through Shibuya 109 recently I was a bit disgusted (disheartened maybe a better word) to be honest. For a lot of reasons but the one centric to this post is the brand originality dying.

It feels like three factions of clothing have developed in Shibuya 109. The three being:  OneegyaruLarme-kei and Normcore basics.

I’m happy for Oneegyaru even if some of the trends get repetitive in so many stores that carry it now (Datura, Lip Service, Rienda, Delyle Noir, MARS, Golds Infinity, Sneep Dip and that’s not counting the discount brands). I mean which floral onepiece do you choose? But I mostly bought from Oneegyaru brands so I’m hate free.

I also really like the wide style range of Larme-kei and glad the youth are getting something to have fun with. And there’s a lot of brand originality with Swankiss, Honey Cinammon, Liz Lisa and Kokokim all serving really different looks.


But Normcore Basics…

All the side eye.

I don’t care who you have modeling it, or how pretty your shop staff are. It’s a plain cotton shirt and a basic khaki trench. It’s boring. There’s barely a print in sight. And in the hyper-competitive world of Japanese youth fashion how are you distancing yourself? You’re Zara at a higher price point.

I seriously wonder what has made so many brands look at Zara and Forever 21 and H&M encroaching into Japan and thought the way to to beat them is to look exactly like them. #idgi


Egoist | Spiral Girl | Envy M – basics

I’m so shocked how many brands are swayed by it. Spiral Girl and Egoist being the worst offenders. And sure… I like basics but how do you decide to buy your basics from one store and not the other? I feel like I’m getting philosoraptor up in here. These shops are bound to close or just slowly fade away…away…away…  

3rd by Vanquish recently closed and it was a basics offender.


So that was my rant. And there’s a point coming to it.

My point is Sly and Moussy have been serving up simple cool style with a focus on basics for a while, but they do it differently and have done it since before the Zara/F21/H&M boom into Japan. They do it by original prints, great shoes, and big jewelry (you can see both in the background of these photos).

So while the Sly girl may jump into F21 for her basics, she may top it off by cool Sly shoes or a printed top. Sly and Moussy have been doing what they’ve been doing for years and it’s successful!


-and finally Mitsu has stopped ranting-


And their printed tops was the reason I stepped into the Sly at Sendai Forus. I found a fun top I really wanted but wanted it in the most popular color of black. It had sold out at every Sly store I checked from Shibuya109 to Osaka Shinsaibashi OPA. Thankfully it was available at Sendai Forus and I was also able to snap this gorgeous shop staff.



Sly and Moussy have been known for their denim for years. This girl pulls off white denim with style.

And so much styling skill. The pushed up sleeves, the way her jacket hits just at the right level. Black shoes to not distract from the all-white look.


And behind her stylish frame is lots of prints and fun mix and match styles.


Excellent fitted denim always look good season to season.


I loved her make-up. Great thick cat-eye, pink lipstick, subtle lashes, 3-tone circle lens, flat brows. Everything that’s popular right now.


Lens, lashes a blonde and some great styling. She’s a gal, just a more simple cool-Onee one. As usual I try to tag all my short haired shop staff I’ve taken photos of. Either short hair or short hair gyaru. Feel free to check the tags to hunt down some short hair inspiration.  :hearts3:

Sly for Spring part 2

I previously talked about their Western Boho style for Spring, but these new offerings on their webstore are more typical Sly.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.54.04 PM

The popular knee-length skirt trend this season done in a bold print.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.54.16 PM

Crazy printed phone case that sold out immediately.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.54.29 PM

Every season Sly does fun retro printed shirts. This one is called “Eat the Donut”  :heartcat:


Sleeveless A-line swing dress a very popular style for spring.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.55.09 PM

Sly doing really good beyond-the-basics denim.

Need more shop staff posts? I’ve got you covered 

Need more Sly? Always room for more Onee-cool

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After my Rady Shinjuku Lumine shop staff theft post I promised I’d post about the Rady Tokyu Plaza ladies. The Tokyu Plaza girls have lived under the shadow of the more popular Lumine EST store but with that store gone the Tokyu Plaza one in Omotensado is bound to be booming with business.


Two fabulous casual Rady styles. Love how a jeweled tunic and jeans just looks so Onee casual with a comfortable pair of heels and the right make-up and hair.


Both short haired! I love short-haired Oneegyaru. They still really look lovely and put together and show how it’s not just long-hair that makes lovely Onee hair.


The store is centered around a jeweled diamond. It’s really big and pretty.

Sorry to block out the shop staff’s face. She was caught off guard and looked a bit severe so I didn’t want to show a bad pic of such a pretty lady.


The girl on the left’s wonderful make-up and delicate accessories.


I love how her lipstick matches the Rady logo. And somehow works with such a cool-toned outfit. Looks very summery!


Even super cute from the side. Such lovely hair with volume Onee curls.


The girl on the right’s nails were spectacular. Perfect Rady style without using the traditional prints. I really want to recreate those Swarovski hearts sometime.


This is a photo of the store I took when it first opened in 2013. The style was much more neon back then. The whole look seems to have softened. The store is still beautifully white and sparkly and gorgeous, however.

The Rady Staff Blog constantly updates if you need more Rady.

Rady Spring picks

Rady has been putting out their Spring collection on-line ( and have been selling out as quickly as they stock it. Even with the scandal of earlier this year the brand doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I don’t know how Onee I put myself as. I guess I consider my style more vintage-cute-lady, but this Spring’s collection has gotten me wanting so much.


Left: the peach tone looks so nice for summer without being another pink item in the overloaded pink of Onee styles (lavender, blue and yellow also popular this season). And I like how this piece gets away from the trend of just a jeweled neckline.

Right: I love a onesie that is loose on the top and does a nice flare out with shorts really leg flattering.


Two really body flattering prints.

Left: Set-up that focuses the light upward and towards the face and makes the bust look bigger. It also does an arm flare so the shirt doesn’t make the arms look bigger and allows for more air flow during the horrible summer months.

Right: A long narrow front makes the body look slimmer.

Rady is not only killing it with their original prints but how body flattering they are. I was going through their webstore again and found example after example of how they really thought of a woman’s figure. Like how the flared sleeves conceal a smaller breast shape, or how this higher waisted dress flares just enough to be belly flattering.

Mini side rant but I see a lot of brands just slap prints down or do a cut on a dress and it doesn’t seem it corresponds to how the feminine shape is at any body type. I really love that Rady (also Datura) are thinking about the shape of the woman and how to flatter it best.

I will definitely be taking more photos of Rady staff this Spring because I’ll be shopping there a lot.

In case you missed it: Previous Rady posts including more Shop staff snaps | Over 100 shop staff snaps across Japan

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Sly Japan  girls are so cool. I feel like that could be my whole post about the brand and sum it up. In this post I will say cool too many times to ever think of myself as cool. But that’s the word for them, effortlessly casually forever cool. Sly and Moussy are largely neglected by overseas fans of Japanese fashion. Which is crazy because they’re everywhere in Japan. Part of the Shellter group with Rodeo Crowns, Rienda, Avan Lily among others, they have stores in all major malls in Japan and do well each season no matter the big trends.

While I’ve discussed how older gyaru go to NeoGal and Oneegyaru, they also visit Sly and Moussy. Which can be considered Oneegyaru but really just “Cool” type. That’s what you’ll see it marketed in magazines (mostly Jelly, SCawaii and Vivi). Before there was Mode Gyaru there was always Cool-type.

A little bit of history:

Sly Japan (スライ) was founded in 2002 after Moussy and was modeled to be a 109-kei (meaning 109-style) brand. Sly’s concept is mainly casual cool. There’s a focus on denim, as with Moussy. Sly focuses on bold colors, retro prints, chunky jewelry and quirky shoes. They’re known for their long-time collaboration with the former street artist Keith Haring estate.

The SLY girl:

I blogged about SLY first in 2012 and their shop staff and look is pretty similar to what it is now. Even my 2013 Okinawa SLY girls look close to the ones I’m showing for 2014. Somehow it’s cool and feels trendy but it stays the same. You can just spot a Sly Japan girl on the street. Maybe it’s the statement jewelry mixed with casual style, but there’s a lot of Sly devotees.

Like sister brand Rienda with their Rienda Girls, SLY Japan founded its own super blogger group called SLY CHICS (

Sly Japan staff – Shibuya 109

sly-japan-shibuya109-stylesly-shibuya109-fullbody-shopstaff-snapOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsly-japan-shibuya109-style-accessories

I’m really glad I got to take so many photos of her make-up. I think she’s doing a lot of things popular with Shibuya and Harajuku stores that are not dealing with fanciness (i.e. no DIA or Swankiss). Instead she’s doing straight brows that are a bit thick, eyelash extensions and a bold lip. Also she’s sporting the short hair trend really sweeping across Japan. I love a girl in a hat, especially a short haired girl not afraid to wear one.

A Sly girl:

Cool colors? Check

Basic yet interesting? Check

Statement jewelry? Check

Retro print? Check (inside the coat)

Cool style makeup? Check

Sly Japan – Hiroshima Parco


Sorry for the photo color changes. Shops in Japan can have horrible lighting and it’s a pain to after balance. Yet it’s another spot-on SLY Girl and could spot at 20 paces.

She’s simple but cool and polished. Again another statement jewelry piece on a monotone outfit.

She’s also doing a few styling things I really enjoy like a rolled up jean and a short pointed boot. As well as loose waves with a fluffy beret to give volume. Oversized coats were big for Winter and they’re slowly moving into Spring with loose airy robe styles.

While this Hiroshima staff has decided to forgo eyelashes or extensions she’s still echoing the big trends: more natural eye, bold lip, straight thicker brows.

Even though I’m showing two monotone girls SLY loves its prints. The green dress behind her was also done in a top and skirt. Like many brands SLY has a print they’ll do each season in a lot of styles.

Sly for Spring 2015

Sly has put its catalog out for Spring 2015 already. The theme is Western Boho. You can view the full catalog on their webstore here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 6.18.47 PM

This is the season of denim. Expect denim in every form across every brand.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 6.19.00 PM

Even though this is a kitschy look and not commonly sly there’s still a big statement necklace and a funky accessory and cool shoes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 6.19.16 PM

Classic but modern Sly: Retro print, statement jewelry, basics as a backdrop.


Here’s a sample from the Sly Chics blog about their style for Spring 2015 which shows more how it’s styled in real life. Like I said the look doesn’t change much but still the girls look current.


SLY can do short and have sex appeal but it’s not attracting, just to show off how cool you look.

Sly is using this print as one of their main ones for the season. Like many brands they have signature prints for the season.



Fringe is coming back! Woohoo! Love the more boho and less western look of that bootie.


Basics in different colors, heels, and a statement jewelry piece or two. An easy SLY girl.


Similar brands to SLY: Moussy (big sister brand), Lily Brown, Evris, Murua and Emoda.

Sly has been doing Sly since they came out and even though both staff have a bit of “mode” to them, really they’re “cool” looks. Again this look and brand are popular in Japan (and rapidly expanding in China). In most every bigger city in Japan you’ll come across a Sly Girl. Cool, simple, well styled, just a hint of flash. She’s neither Otona Kawaii nor Motekei. She’s just cool.

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Evris shop staff are exceedingly nice. The Shibuya 109 group of ladies are stellar all around, but in particular Marin Matsuzaki (松崎茉鈴). I do gush often how shop staff are nice and good at their jobs, but Marin takes the cake. Marin is both stylish and kind. I met her first when I was shopping with Alanna and she was so friendly. The next time was 6 months later and she still remembered both me and asked after Alanna. She also asked after my man and my cats, since we spoke about both… 6 months ago!

Marin has excellent personal style and she’s doing well in Evris for it, working as a blogger for the brand. She’s recently gotten snapped in both #N and Jelly and I’m really happy she’s flourishing in print, too! For those looking for short hair inspiration she’s definitely got it.

Her blog:

Her instagram:

Spring 2014 Marin’s looks


Such a babe! I love her blue contacts with her blue necklace and the subtle nose shading. Did you notice her ring. I don’t know how anyone else gets to see the jewels, but it’s cool!


I don’t know if I’d consider matching a bold necklace with a top that’s impact is around the neck, but it really works.

Her wonderful spring hot pink lip keeps her from looking too simple. If I remember right it’s YSL. The whole staff was required to wear it as it was Evris’s color for the Spring.


Always showing off her brand. She looks both adult and casual at the same time. Love the skirt and top combination.

In my previous Evris snap post I took a picture of a different shop staff in the same shirt and shoes.  But the style is different, always cool to check two girls making clothing their own.

Marin and Staff from Fall 2014


There was a Rockabilly theme for Fall and Winter and the leopard and tortoiseshell print shoes are great pairings for plaids and furs. Both girls look cute stylish and casual.


Close-ups. It looks like Marin changed her contacts for the season, as did the other shop staff. Possibly to Evris producer Ayano Sasaki’s new produced lens Cidina.


 Flipped out short hair and bobby pins were the big hair trends of Fall and Marin is rocking both. Creative and interesting bobby pins will be popular for Spring 2015 as well! Her cateye line is so stellar!

Marin for Spring 2015


And from Marin’s instagram her style for this Spring. One year of Marin  :loveword: Her key for this Spring is orange.  I really like the orange, yellow, blue popularity of Spring 2015.

Bonus Jelly snaps!


Bonus! Her shot from Jelly January issue talking about denim wearing all Evris. She’s also in the #N Neogal magazine photos last post.


And Evris producer Ayano Sasaki in the coat Marin was wearing in her Fall snap.

Ahh this was a fun post. I’m an obsessive person and my obsessions have obsessions within them. So my obsession with Japanese fashion has gyaru within it and another is personal style. Another obsession within an obsession for me is style change, or evolution. How a singular girl goes through gyaru and changes. I really love the ones over time through many years. However this short year also shows how one girl, Marin, tried out a lot of style choices for herself  :smiley:

Emoda’s Ena Matsumoto retiring

Other news of note I posted on my twitter is that Emoda creator and producer Ena Matsumoto has decided to retire from Emoda.  She’s thus far not spoken of future plans. She acknowledges how much Emoda has changed since it’s inception (Summer 2010 post on Emoda coming to Shibuya 109). She said she’s also grown a lot during that time. She wondered if maybe she should create an older sister brand to focus on or even a completely new brand, but in the end she decided she just wanted to retire first.



Speaking of style change. WOW! Ena Matsumoto 2010 and 2015.

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