Venus Fort outlets in Odaiba is one of the rare outlet malls in Tokyo that offers gyaru brands. Sadly like the other outlet malls in Tokyo it’s a bit out of the way. Since Gotemba outlets requires a bus ticket and the whole day, Venus Fort is the best outlet option. Venus Fort is located in Odaiba and costs 490 yen one way to get to from Shibuya, and 40 minutes by train. Odaiba is dying a little as a destination, but there is enough to do if you’re curious and have the time.

Since getting to Venus Fort costs 1,000 yen round trip I’m unsure the amount of savings you’ll feel doing outlet shopping. But I did find some items I wanted and wore them already again this Fall so I guess the trip was worth it for me.

Outlets feature a bit of old season and current season run-off. The discounts tend to be only 10-40% off so don’t expect to walk away with steals. But any discount is a good discount right?


My recommendations for discount gyaru shopping in Japan:

Resale chain Kinji is one of the only stockists of old gyaru clothing. Resale shops are quite popular in Japan and I’ll be doing a whole series on vintage shops across Japan, but Japan stores just don’t treasure their brands.

Outlet malls if you’re in the area. Or outlet events are new concepts with better rewards. Mark Styler (Emoda, Murua, Laguna Moon, Evris) and Tokyo Kawaii (Jugeetta, Liz Lisa, Tralala) are big on doing outlet events. Tokyo Kawaii recently held one at Sanrio Puroland. Yup Hello Kitty goodness and Liz Lisa cute clothes at discount. Subscribe to their e-mails for updates on their outlet events.

End of the season sales. Two weeks after Shibuya 109’s big end of the season sale in January and July is when stores are really trying to kick out the last of their merchandise.

Fukubukuro. Sometimes a big bust but with brands now doing early reveals it makes it less like a lucky bag and more like a sure thing. 2015 OneSpo bag early reveal is now sold out and for good reason. Such a cute Larme pop mix.

Discount gyaru stores like chains such as Cryx always have cheap deals on current trends. Shinjuku Alta and Ueno aBaB house a lot of these stores in Tokyo. Nagoya Osu Kannon is another big cheap mix. Amemura in Osaka has some. Kyoto Avanti just three years after their big opening now has a lot more discount shops. Even a Liz Lisa outlet store.


My horrible photo I took a week ago. Kyoto Avanti used to have a huge Liz Lisa store but now has a Liz Lisa VSOP, their new outlet concept.

With the horrible economy, I think especially outside of Tokyo a lot more shops will make outlet concepts a new store outside of the basic outlet malls.

Venus Fort Odaiba Tokyo


Venus Fort in Odaiba was constructed in 1999 when Odaiba was full of promise and Japan was flush with money. Odaiba was going to be the island escape smack in the center of Tokyo. It’s an artificial island and everything looks a bit chintzy and already faded even though most of it is only less than twenty years old. Venus Fort was trying to do Venice but really feels like a copy of the Las Vegas Venetian shopping center without the river and high brand stores.


The classy exterior store window of Lip Service outlet


Indoor Outdoor feeling of Venus Fort


Venus Fort now with Titty…and co


Don’t be fooled by some of the names such as “Unspace” its just Mark Styler’s way of terming their more youth brands into one outlet stop.

Moussy BackStock Shop Staff

Moussy backstock is a store selling only Moussy despite it often being grouped inside Japan stores as “Sheltter“. This Moussy outlet actually had a lot of selection and an open floor plan so it was easy to browse. I ended up getting a top I had seen in Moussy stores in Japan but had passed on. Yay for me since it was 20% off and still current season.


Even though I took this Moussy shop staff’s photos last fall she’s really representing Moussy style and could be current Moussy. Maybe exchange for an oversized jacket, but she’s still in the classic Moussy look. Polished, casual and cool.


Love the thoughtful styling of hunching up her jacket sleeves and untucking the shirt. Much more casual even though the bottom half is a bit dressy.


She styled her skinny jeans well with pointy shoes and a relaxed coat. Pointy heels and relaxed style? She did it.


Short haired girl working her cut very well. Traditional Moussy/Sly accessories, big and chunky.


The mannish casual Moussy watch suits the style.


Along with her own other silver accessory.

I’ve got another pair of shop staff to show from Venus Fort, but if you’re in the area check it out. You may find a good deal or two.

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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Dazzlin (ダズリン) is a brand I don’t often talk about. Since my brand introduction talk in 2011 Dazzlin has grown from 19 stores to 33 stores. They’re doing incredibly well in this seisomotekeiotonakawaiiretrogirly popular trend movement. Their price point is low but their styles seem to attract teens to adults. Their creative director Rumi Kon (近瑠美) is now 30, but still seems to embracing the girly youth style. Good on her. I think the ageism is slowly changing.

Okayama Ichibangai (岡山一番街) is the train station mall inside Okayama train station. Okayama is a big transit point on the shinkansen between Osaka and Hiroshima. It’s always filled with travelers. I’ve snapped staff inside Okayama Ichiban-gai previously and all around Okayama, but this girl may be my favorite.



My weakness for chubby cheeks. She’s sooooo cute! Dimples!

She’s in the big sweater onepiece that was a huge hit last Winter. So big a hit they’ve brought it back in plaid for this season.


Another cute pose. Her short hair is the best!


Holding my blog card so well I don’t have to watermark it (bonus).


Her gel nails have gotten old but still look lovely. I love red nails partnered with nuetral tones.


Her make-up was simple but keeping in line with Dazzlin. Simple lashes, manicured thicker brows and a sweet blush.


Her earrings as well as her ring partnered well with the white in her sweater dress. Vintage earrings are a big trend in Japanese fashion. So many vintage shops (brand and not) are growing the market inside Japan.

I love short haired girls. I mark them if you’d like short hair inspiration. Check the tags.

Upcoming for Dazzlin style: Even though the chill is just starting to pick up in Tokyo, Dazzlin just finished its Spring/Summer 2015 exhibition. Their season is all about bright colors, knee length and midi skirts, jazzy prints on feminine dresses and set-ups. See photos here, here and here.

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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Gyda shop staff in Shibuya 109 are just like their Gyda producer Yuria Kushido stylish adult sexy casual.  Fig and Viper producer Alisa Ueno recently called Gyda Neogal . I think that has more to do with Gyda head of sales, Aiko Ueda, who is a fabulous original mix of gyaru, raver and harajuku styling.

Gyda instead offers adult sexy in a casual vibe. Almost #iwokeuplikedis. I’ve profiled the brand since 2011. Their first foray into Shibuya 109 was unsuccessful, but it seems this time the brand is lasting.


Two stylish oneegyaru looks from Gyda on their cool Shibuya 109 shop staff. Love the winter transitional style.


Both of their hair has slight ash tones. I don’t see ash giving up its reign as the tone of choice. Violet is also remaining strong. Peep the wrist tattoo on the short haired shop staff.


This was my shop staff who helped me. She is wearing fabulous make-up and the sports-material sweatshirt I bought.


Great eyeliner meets lower shadow look.


Her nails were newish but one had already chipped off. Acrylics nails and shop staff life sometimes don’t mix. I think they’re quite stylish and have a definite Chanel vibe.

Yuria Kushido seems to be really working on her store and I think her style is really catching on with gyaru and ex-gyaru in their 20s. GYDA now has 11 stores in Japan so they’re succeeding in a tough economy right now. Her look is definitely part of the future face of Shibuya 109.

Want more GYDA? I post about the popular brand here

Looking for more shop staff snaps? Stay tuned and view over 100 previous shop staff

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JugeETTA (http://jugeetta.com/ ジュジュエッタ previous post one | two)  is the adult line of popular gyaru brand Liz Lisa. It’s a bit of a struggling brand as it has 3 stores only (the Harajuku store and two Chiba stores). JugeETTA is already in a saturated market of popular adult cute lines that are similar. Similar brands include: Mercury Duo, Snidel, Lodispotto, Pinky Girls, Fabulous by Cecil Mcbee etc…

Shop staff Snap in Harajuku JugeEtta

I got to snap this cute shop staff last Spring and she should give you a good look of how Juge ETTA girls are styled.


Casual JugeEtta style with mint and beige. The colors really suit her hair and skin tone.


The simple twist and pin-back hair style was popular with shop staff last Spring of all styles. I imagine it will come back this Spring as well as as easy way to keep your hair down but away from your face and stay cool.

JugeEtta Spring Trends

It’s theme for this season is “Flower of Trip”

JugeETTA’s take for Spring is using a few popular trends seen in gyaru that will also be popular in the adult cute Japanese brands:


Photos inside the Harajuku JugeEtta store last Spring

juge-etta-harajuku-storephotos juge-etta-shop-harajuku juge-etta-store-harajuku-clothes

Just a few photos from last Spring of the JugeEtta store in Harajuku above the Liz Lisa main store on Takeshita. It’s occupying the former home of the beloved Liz Lisa roomwear line Chambre a Coucher’s sole store (previous posts: one two three).