You’d think when faced with the entire gorgeous island of Okinawa I would be on a beach somewhere blorping like a contented lazy seal. But no I’m some sort of gyaru insect and gyaru malls are the bug zapper that draws me in.

Proof that gyaru is everywhere in Japan, gyaru mall chain OPA has one in the main city Naha (那覇オーパ) It’s actually on the main drag is a mix of discount brands and more popular gyaru stores like Egoist and Lip Service. Sadly though it closed this July. I don’t know what the gyaru youth will do now, but I guess the declining youth population had a big deal to do with it in Naha Okinawa. Shucks.

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DIA spec/ DIA / SONGEURダイヤ ソジュールダイヤ) you’re the ninja of the gyaru world. You have barely a web presence and no on-line shop. You’ve recently started a facebook page, but that’s years after its time (check other gyaru brands on facebook and mixi).

They even state on their official ameblo blog that they don’t sell on-line. So I try to take shots of DIA stores especially. Not the best quality of photos at all. But I figured it was either show you bad or none. Something about the DIA lighting just killed my camera pictures from Machida 109 DIA, Omiya Arche DIA, and Osaka OPA DIA. They’re slowly changing and brightening DIA stores with renewals (DIA in 109 just got one). If you need more DIA fix and you’re new to the blog check out this previous shot post or their selection of staff blogs or gaijin gyaru blogs like Ultimate Luxury.


Photo of the new, brighter songuer DIA at Shibuya 109. (from the Shibuya 109 twitter feed). I think this goes along with DIA softening a bit. More resort casual and less gold.

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