I was feeling meh most of this month since the weather was wonky and I got sick, but here’s a few selected outfits/make.

Slanted sparkle white + peach french along with dots, a 3-d big dot and large diamond shapes. I think they look really organic and remind me of sea life. Pretty short this time :mrgreen:

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I took out my exte and while I’m sad I did because they were pretty healthy, I am enjoying the freedom of less hair. Heat kills exte, so stay away from all heat: blowdriers, straighteners, curling irons… the whole damage cabal! Sadly I couldn’t agree to that for my NYE hair so I had to chop off quite a few dead-ends.

I also kept using my exte as an excuse not to work out. :^_^;;:   Washing / airdrying / setting exte is a long pain in the booty and goes against the sweatfest of running. Now I’m running 5-6k 5 days a week and burning all the Japan chub :roll:

Now I’m bob-a-licious and the new blog design shows a model from the Egg shopping website,while she’s a horrid model with the fly catching mouth pose, I’m in love with the bold streak and length of her hair. Soon my hair will possess both, too :idea:   So I look at her and look forward to a new hair me. :wink:


Avatar movie seeing:
Jacket: Glad News
Cardi: One Way
Dress: Spiral Girl
Boots: Flag-J

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