I really appreciate all the lovely comments on Daily Mitsu posts. :loveword: Waking up the next morning and reading them tastes sweeter than a latte and warms my heart more than any Starbucks product could :korila: A lot of ladies commented on my nails and I’ve been meaning to get my collection together in one place.

Well it took 3 pages, but here are all my Gal Nails:
:star2: Mitsu’s Self Done Nails
:star2: Nails done by Japanese Salons
:star2: Nails done by American Salons
24 nail sets in total :korila: I LOVE NAILS! :stepup:

Gal Web

Some talented bloggers have really been putting out great posts that I feel guilty keeping such great reads to myself. :oops:

The ever lovely bloomzy updated about a highly prejudicial article on kid gyaru and prettiness of the new Candydoll releases

Twitter buddy & sexy gal Alanna posted a tutorial and info on eyeliner. She must give me her great eyebrows :!:

So chic it hurts Keikk of Hautekeikk lets you be a wardrobe voyeur and peer at her gal clothing wants. Her creative eye is not to be missed.

With one day left on Hana‘s giveaway you should run over to her site to peer at the giveaway and also enjoy her well-written posts on topics from food to fashion. Also her guest blog of the recent Lady Gaga concert is fabulous eyecandy.

SaraMari of Moments Like Diamonds is not only one of the warmest people on the web, but is currently in Tokyo and she’s blogging her Tokyo coordinates. Fabulous photography reveals she rocks the WC “Ugly” hat and she also got a scrunchie from the Lip Service x Sunklus collaboration

I feel quite selfish when gal ladies don’t know about Mada and her great make-up blog. Her tutorials are gems for being both indepth and beautiful. Okay I’m selfish, but Mada I want more of them!! :love:

Siru of Sweetheart Fashion recently changed to Finnish which gives me frowny faces. However, she has a beautiful clear since of how she wants to be in gal fashion. Great coordinates

Nat from Juicyblog always looks like she’s stepped out of the magazines. Always wonderful make-up and cute, adult-style coordinates make her my favorite French gal blog.

Shawna of Happy-Kiss (teehee Gokinjo references :stars: ) has been blogging about her recent trip to Japan. It has me feeling a bit natsukashii (nostalgic), but I am loving all of her fun pics. :cheery:

Violet Le Beaux is a Princess, damnit. I’ve nicknamed her the Hime Macguyver because she is the DIY queen. No dress can be left unpretty, no nail ungarnished, no project to large for SUPER VIOLET! I have no crafting bone in my body, so I live vicariously through this amazing girl. Her recent CanCan Hat tutorial left me speechless.

Miruku is a relatively recent blogger, but she has great pics and insight from a gaijin living in Japan. She recently blogged about her Golden Week Lip Service grab and the freebie Lip Service travel bag.

Shmoo has recently done 3 reviews on circle lens with light eyes. I love these! Grey Dizon Eyes (I want!!) Geo Nudy Grey and EOS Adult Violet. Gosh they all look gorgeous :o

Seven Summer Beauty Faves

Lately it seems like I’ve collected an arsenal of products in beauty warfare that I’ve really wanted to share. Especially since summer is upon us and we’re showing more of our beautiful bodies. Without further ado… seven godsends for summer beauty :sparkle2:
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Super quick post since I’m yet again out of town and being a busy bee. :cheery:

The ultra fabulous Chinatsu Wakatsuki has released a ton of items for WC summer.

There’s tons of new clothing on the website, including WC logo underwear teehee! Too fun!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new releases. :loveword:

So much to buy and so little money :^_^;;:

Golden Week Lucky Bags

What’s even worse money wise is the 109 webstore is offering fabulous Golden Week lucky bags. All are 5250 yen (around 50.00 USD) and contain around 5 items. The best thing… they’re not all sold out! :icon_eek:

Agejo lover Golds Infinity, rock-kei Glad News, amkaji Vence, pop-style Miia and more are offering grab bags. Ohhhh dear, so hard to pass up :!:

Miia – 15000 worth of items (around $150.00) clothing + a small item

Liz Lisa – Denim bag, a t-shirt, a scrunchie and some other things. 5 items in total.

Glad News – All they say is it’s summery items. (still want)

Golds Infinity – 5 items in total. A top, bottoms, hair fragrance and popular items

Arghhh I want the Glad News and Miia ones. Damn you fabulous gal stores. :evil: I’m going crazy with clothing want :-S :hearts3:

I got the June Jelly yesterday and I’m so thrilled to have it my hands. It’s their fabulous fourth anniversary issue with great clothing, nail, and model talk. I’m wowed again! :loveword:


In Jelly Lip Service took out a four page spread dedicated to their golden week items! :cheery:

2. Get a Novelty Travel Bag!! – 4/29 til’ as long as supplies last, if you spend over 10,000 yen (∼$100.00), you get this original travel bag as a present.

3. Super Cute Mickey Mouse Tee♥ – On sale at 5/1, Mickey Mouse Tee makes an adult casual coordinate.

4. BIG Hit Eco Bag is now in Summery Terry Cloth! – On sale at 4/29, summery adult eco shopping bag. The terry cloth is best for summer!

5. “Nude Black” Tee & Sunglass Set Introduce! – On sale at 4/29, this season’s Lip Service theme of “Nude Black” logo t-shirt and sunglass set. Simple for daily wear.

6. Off Tickets are Coming Out! – (In store) If you spend more than 5,000 yen you’ll receive a 1,000 yen off ticket. From 4/23 to 5/9.

7. OMG!! In store Gatchapon Machines! – From 4/23 to 5/9 Gatchapon machines are in store. For 400 yen you can play. Inside are hair accessories.

8. On 4/29 and 5/1 there will be a sample giveaway. – All stores nationwide will be handing out passcases with 500 yen off tickets inside them.

9. Get eyelashes and body fragrance!! – Feather eyelashes are 1500 yen, diamante eyelashes are 1200 yen. Fragrance is 1900. All on sale at 4/29

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It’s the time during the Spring fashion cycle that we see which brands triumph and which brands hold massive sales. Sales means benefits for us, so for those who love a good bargain can reep the fabulous deals :up:

Liz Lisa

The girlish queen herself is offering a 24hr sale that you have to jump on! Most of the items are 50% off and it’s not the out of fashion pieces, but trending maxi dresses, sweet Spring jackets and delicate lace onepieces. :stars:

All the sales here

Both Dress and Jacket are 50% off. The dress is now 5000 yen ($50.00), great for Liz Lisa!

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