Gyaru may be changing but OneSpo ( is definitely keeping its original style. They’re also staying strong with their 5 stores, a number which has stayed constant since 2010. With many niche styles in gyaru shrinking it’s nice that One Spo is able to still draw an audience and keep it.

onespospring-collection-2014one spo spring2014-style-3 one-spo-spring2014-style one spo spring2014-style2 one spo spring2014-style4

One Spo before set-ups were popular were doing set-ups, so of course they gave us some set-ups for our set-ups, dawg.

Bows have always been a big One Spo detail (check out the shop staff photo I took below) and so they’re going to do more.

They stuck with traditional marine, but One Spo has always done that.

One Spo style that are Spring 2014 trends are prissy denim (no tears, no acid wash), holographic, pastel and gingham.

OneSpo Shop Staff in Spring 2014 style

onespospring2014-shop-staff onespospring2014-shopstaff-denim onespospring2014-shopstaff onespospring2014-shopstaff-nautical

Images found of all the stylish shop staff across Japan on their One Spo shop blogs.

One Spo Osaka shop staff Yuka is still rocking her amazing lavender mix hair and cool personal style.

OneSpo Nagoya older Spring Style shop staff snap

ss42-onespo-nagoya-makeup ss42-onespo-nagoya ss42-onespo-ring-nails-nagoya

I took these shots a while ago and never posted. But look at the gingham that’s now trending all throughout gyaru. One Spo does its own thing but somehow always stays ahead of the curve!

One Spo are the queens of personal style. They take a mix and match style and then pump it up with more accessories and more stand-out style.

Nicola on Graphic-Noise posted her final translation of “GAL is” with Jelly models. A definite interesting read. Check it out!

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Jouetie Japan Runway for Spring Summer 2014


Jouetie (ジュエティ) is a Runway Channel brand which hosts its runway shows in late October for the Spring collections titled “Rainbow Punk” (images from Although it’s purely a street style brand its runways tend to do “runway only” looks mixed with actual items that will be sold. I understand the flashiness for the runway need but it does cloud the true look of Jouetie the brand for Spring.

Jouetie Shop Spring Style and Spring 2014 Trends



Lots of overlapping trends from LilLilly with Jouetie! I’m really waiting for their nautical prints to come out. Especially those vans-style shoes from the runway! I really like Jouetie’s takes on the trends for the season the more real clothing that comes out. My favorite is that eyelet set-up. Set-ups which have been popular for two seasons are still reigning on!


Jouetie Japan Shop Staff from Shinjuku Lumine EST in Spring

To get you ready for 2014 Spring let’s look back at 2013 Spring style with Jouetie shop staff pictures I took.

Not one but two Jouetie Japan girls to shoot? I’m a lucky girl!



jouetie japan

jouetie shinjuku shop staff

Little girl men nails from Toy Story, so cute!

I don’t have a favorite look because I think they rep Jouetie both so well. Both also have stellar circle lens. What’s your favorite?

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