Sweden was my pick for our summer vacation and I can’t believe how well it worked out. Berlin was lovely with wonderful weather and lots of stuff to see, but I was still feeling the after effects of my ER visit and I think I got badly dehydrated for a day as well. I was able to clear up heading to Sweden thankfully. So begins my Stockholm Sweden Traveloge…

After coming from miserably hot and humid Houston to a nice 72F/22C Stockholm it was amazing. The weather was so sunny and bright and people were swimming and boating everywhere I looked. I don’t know what image you might have of Sweden, but Stockholm is super green. According to wiki “Over 30% of the city area is made up of waterways and another 30% is made up of parks and green spaces”. That sum amounts to it be such a gorgeous natural-feeling large city.

I got to eat wonderful food, enjoy perfect weather, see modern and old and laze in a bit of nature. It was absolutely perfect.

I didn’t edit this photo. Damn you Stockholm for being so gorgeous.


I fell in love with Swedish Cardamom Rolls or “Kanelbullar”. This was Monocle’s recommended place to enjoy the best cardamom buns in the city. Super hipstery but they were the best.


Chubby looking Kings with tiny feet. Many giggles were had.


Not the most beautiful picture, but here is the Stockholm Photography Museum or “Fotografiska i Stockholm”. A bit of a walk from the station but it’s the largest photography museum in the world and definitely recommended.

stockholm-sweden-helmut-lang-photography-exhibit I was there for the Helmut Lang exhibition which was wonderful, but there was a lot of other great exhibits as well.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I also went to a Gaultier works exhibit. Seeing all of his couture up close was wonderful. It was 6+ rooms of a retrospective. I wish more fashion retrospectives toured.

I found out about Riche because Emoda producer Ena Matsumoto visited Stockholm 3 times and each time she goes there. She never said it by name but finally posted a menu with the name on it. You can book reservations on-line and our hotel was right next to it, so we ate there often.

I really love fun art styles and delicious food so Riche was a match made in heaven for me. Tons of locals filled the place and I really loved it.

stockholm-sweden-riche-art stockholm-sweden-riche-menu-art

Their menu art is so fun!


First time Salmon! I’m not a big salmon eater so that they could make a plate clearing salmon I enjoyed, I was definitely satisfied.


Second time Riche: Swedish Meatballs! I had to get it. The lingonberries and cucumbers were my highlights however. Tons of nice flavors.

A berry and white chocolate tart. I love fruity desserts and this shared felt guilt free.


Lots of fancy summer houses and boating out for the wealthy Swedes. People were swimming at 72F/22C weather. As a Texan that’s long sleeve weather for me. LOL People are so different.


Stockholm’s trolleys are usually modern but they have a few restored ones in rotation that are classic wooden and metal and look gorgeous.


Eat all the Swedish breads.


The biggest draws in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum which is just houses this giant 17th century warship. It was apparently horribly built with too many cannons and sank immediately, but it was finally raised from the ocean floor and restored. I find it a bit funny since it’s like, “Look at this monstrosity that never worked.” It’s still really cool though.


Another no edit. Seriously Stockholm. Stop yourself from being beautiful.


On a random note, Stockholm’s 7-11s are both plentiful and nicer than both Japan and Americas. Weird, but true.



Skansen an open-air museum/zoo was a really cool visit. People dressed up in traditional clothes and sold local souvenirs but there was also baby piglets (SOOOO CUTE) and a baby reindeer. Hurray for summertime baby animals. :cat2:


Even though we decided on Turkey for this Winter visit, I tried really hard to suggest visiting Sweden again. I’ll definitely be back! I want to visit Denmark first and then right back to Sweden.  :dotbow: