Adree ( is a brand new brand opening this week in Shibuya 109. Adree is a portmanteau of Adorable and Reel. Mini research makes me think this brand is owned by the Decolog brand and is their first foray into clothing stores. This brand is tapping into the seiso gyaru style and is comparable with Honey Bunch and Rojita.

The theme is “Actual kawaii” 365 days a week wearable girly cute style.

Adree is produced by popular Decolog blogger “Yuuri”


Producer Yuuri (far right) with two shop staff.

Their Shibuya 109 store is barely open but they’ve been busily blogging on their staff blog here:

This is one of the new brands opening in Shibuya 109. It happens to be one of the more positive brands opening in Shibuya 109. Boy London (wtf) and Adidas are two of the more disappointing pieces. While I think many gals have moved to shopping at Shinjuku Lumine EST and somewhat at Ikebukuro Parco, Shibuya 109 was the champion for so long and I’m going to showcase 3 of the new brands opening there (this one, Kokokim and Evris) and mini discussions on the rest.

Adree Catalog for Spring 2014

image-2 image-3 image-4 image-5 image-6

A few trends to point out:

:bow: Gingham (the big print of Spring)

:bow: 3-d style like the 3-d flowers or just the double tulle layer or the 3-d look of the shorts.

:bow: Knee length skirts. Biggest trend of the season because it’ll be in every genre and every style: Flared, Circle, Straight, Tight. In every style knee length is the key.

:bow: The square sheer check print on the bright floral halter  is a mini trend as well. Lily Brown did a similar look.

Shop Staff Learning & Style

EntryImage-14 EntryImage-15

What’s cool about their shop staff blog is they started blogging back in their training. This is them getting instructions on the garment and how to sell them. What a cute bunch.


The shop itself looks quite girly and airily laid out. Definitely a stop by for me.


The shop staff showing off cute Spring dresses. No pants from this store yet but they do have a few shorts, but it’s mostly around the base of sweet dresses as well as girly set-ups.

Shop Staff Hair Make


Via their shop staff blog they posted two pictures of their hair and makeup in nice contrasting gyaru styles. On the left: the thick brow, no bangs, heavier eyeliner. On the right: thinner brow, top lashes, bangs.

I’m looking forward to more from this brand. While its style is not groundbreaking the pieces look cute and it does look adorable and a style that’s easy to wear. I wish they did more mermaid sea themes but that’s just my sea self talking.

Chiba Lalaport Mall may be only for the Chiba people, but I found tons of great gyaru shop staff there that were super excited to get snapped (previous at EHyphen Gallery). Great addition to pancakes at Popteen Cafe. Emsexcite is a discount gyaru brand that focuses on girly style.
gyaru shop staff snap pair emsexcite

gyaru shop staff snap 3d nails



gyaru shop staff dnap emsexcite chiba


Most shop staff don’t wear a lot of bracelets, but always expect to see a watch on. I think it’s so they know when they can take a break.  :bow: Such cute shoes on both of them!  :heartcat:

popteen magazine

Popteen Magazine has a different take on a recent debate. There’s been a lot of talk on tumblr and in the comments on this blog and via twitter that streetstyle has really taken over and is diluting gyaru. My response to that is yes and no (more on this next week).

But it ignores one of the biggest pieces of gyaru style and one of the most popular: Sweet Gyaru or….

what Popteen Magazine is calling 清楚な女のコ Seiso na Onna no Ko or Polished Girl 

It directly translates as “Neat and Clean Girl” but I think Polished Girl is a better translation because they say: Everyone aims to not look too Gal, and to not be plain but to have a Neat and Clean aura.

To me this translates best as polished, but up to you. I’ll be sticking probably with Seiso Gyaru to keep it in tune with Japanese magazines….



Popteen is going the Sweet Casual  Gyaru way because it’s what their readers want. The last 4 months of surveys have been sweet or simple coordinates that have won best coordinate from their readers.

So when you complain why a magazine is going in a certain direction, Popteen says it’s what the people want. They say readers want to look more polished in make-up and fashion.

In order to focus more on this style Popteen is bringing in 4 brands that it usual doesn’t have in their magazine.

Four new brands to Popteen for the age of Polished Girl


Lowry’s Farm (site) which soon you’ll see a lot of shop staff snaps on the Doll from because I was buying from them in May.


Their stying of Nice Claup (site) reminds me of a more adult Ank Rouge or Tralala.


Earth, Music & Ecology (site) is a very big popular casual adult brand. I love the top cowboys boots coordinate. It reminds me on Ungrid or Liz Lisa from 3 years ago.

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