Some places are made to be photographed and Honey mi Honey’s Pink is Heart Motel cafe in Harajuku is all you need for the gram. Sometimes you need to do it for the ‘gram.


Warning: excessive amounts of pink to follow.

I ended up heading to the Honey Mi Honey shop because they were hosting a Kumatan pop-up shop. WC founder and designer Chinatsu Wakatsuki took her work and made her own brand Kumatan and now it appears as pop-ups. I have such a soft spot for old WC so I had to at least check out Kumatan.


The outside is set-up like a small bustop.


Inside the Honey mi Honey store. The cute instagram worthy Disney tea-cup is always there for photos.


Some classic WC feelings.


I ended up trying on these two and buying the I LOVE Work fuzzy sweater. The quality was really good. Clean fur that didn’t fuzz, the blocking for the text was glitter and there was a solid heavy metal zipper in back so you didn’t stretch out the neck. Also pockets! Kumatan quality was really good.


After being in such a pink world I got sucked in the more I stayed.

Fun fact: Honey mi Honey receipts are even pink!


But this post is about the Pink is Heart Motel Cafe inside the shop.

A fake motel key is what you get after you place your order.


1,000 reblogs on tumblr the Pink is Heart Motel Cafe at Honey mi Honey Harajuku.

The saturation of colors reminds me of Kubrick’s the Shining movie…. in a good way. #aesthetic


Well my heart is also pink so here we are. I love love love indoor neon as design.


The light gold accents with the pink velvet interior was so perfect.


And look at this gram life. Transforming my apple cinammon vegan muffin and latte into art.

When I went they had green smooothies and vegan muffins so eat healthy and pink power up!

If you need a tiny break in Harajuku and your eyes need a pink cleanse, head on over.

Honey Mi Honey is located across from the near the Meiji Jingumae subway stop entrance. Address: 〒150-0001 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingūmae, 6 Chome−2, 神宮前6丁目2-6 原宿あかねビル 2F Google maps.

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After seeing these animal donuts I wonder if I should just turn this into a food blog, because sometimes this blogger spends the whole day in workout clothes despite only working out for an hour. However, I can always eat! Especially when its super cute animal donuts from Floresta Donuts.

Floresta’s animal donuts are blogged about everywhere scoring a billion notes on tumblr and scoring the adoration of Kotaku. But they’re actually deeper and better than just being cute!


Floresta Donuts is Organic, Natural and Local

Floresta (site) was started in Nara, Japan (famed home of the semi-tame deer) in 2002 by a husband and wife who wanted to make donuts that were “Nature Donuts”. That meant using local ingredients and all natural items from organically farmed sources. They focus on small batch regional production. The outcome is a deliciously light and not-too-sweet donut.

Floresta’s tiny shop in Koenji. Theres no inside just a few sit-down chairs if you’d like to enjoy there. Floresta’s store placement seems to focus on neighborhoods where people can pick up their donuts on their way home.


They have regular deals on their basics. All Floresta donuts are cake based.


Here’s their basic lineup, which is tasty.

But I know you’re here for the animal donuts.

Floresta Animal Donuts



The cuteness in edible form! Sakura season special bear and chicken sakura donuts.


Look at that happy donut hole bear donut. Like he has a pool floaty of donut goodness.


So simple but so cute! Chicken sakura season gentei Floresta animal donut.


Their regular animal donuts are still super cute! Pandas, bees, tigers, seals, rabbits and more animal donuts. Each store will list a monthly schedule of what days of the week each animal is coming out. Not all animals are available everyday. For a list of all regular animals check their site.


Regular animal donut line-up! Cat donut. This was one of their first designs. They use almonds for ears.


My favorite the Floresta seal donut. Check out that cute expression! Again almonds for flippers.


Seconds before it went into my mouth.

If you’re not a donut fan, they also do traditional desserts, shaved ice (during summer) and “nature icecream”

Finding Floresta

If you’re visiting Tokyo there are two stores in the area. The closest and easiest is Koenji. Which is a terrific neighborhood with tons of used shops.

If you’re visiting Kamakura to see the giant buddha you can also enjoy them.

Kansai area: Kyoto has one near the Kawaramachi subway station as well as an Osaka store and the main Nara shop.

Nutritional Info:

For calorie counters each donut ranges from 202 calories for the basic ones to more for the animal donuts according to Floresta’s website. If this is too sugary I have a big post about eating healthy in Japan coming soon. I’ve been working on it for months!

Ikumi Mama animal donuts:

Ms. Ikumi Nakao developed the animal donuts for Floresta. She has since left the company and founded her own shop, Ikumi Mama. Which specializes in animal donuts that look exactly like Floresta’s. She has one shop in Kanagawa near the Motosomiyoshi station which is about 25 minutes away from Shibuya.


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Sweets Forest in Jigyuoka (スイーツフォレスト) (website) is in a well-to-do part of Tokyo near Daikanyama. It’s a collection of sweets makers under one sugar-coma roof. Sweets Forest is not like Sweets Paradise with a tabehoudai (all you can eat) system. Instead it’s a pay as you eat system of moderately priced desserts. Expect to spend around 1,000-1,600 yen ($10-$16) to get your fill.

The quality of sweets is definitely much higher so you might have the side effects of feeling fancy. I definitely recommend going during their seasonal themes. Each patisserie and dessert maker puts out their own special dessert for that theme. But it seems they’re always doing a theme. January’s was warm desserts. Sounds amazing!


Sweets Forest Sakura Themed Special Desserts


The macaron cookie from Masayume Sakayume was filled with cream, red bean and sakura blossoms. Very delicious!


Sakura themed jelly x custard mix from Hong Kong Sweets. Was simply amazing!


Mix-in Mixcream’s sakura season waffle was a plain Belgian waffle topped with red and sakura mixed in ice cream.


I always start off my Sweets Forest foray with a savory crepe from Merci Crepe. Their ceasar salad crepe with a soft boiled egg is so delicious!

Sweets Forest Christmas Special Desserts


The macaron and berry Christmas themed boot from Berry Berry was so-so. The tiny berries were amazing, but the boot was filled with cream. Just cream. YUCK


A bear shaped pudding from Masayume Sakayume I think was Christmas-gentei (seasonal)


Pancakes are such a boom in Japan so macaron maker Irina did a chocolate, pistachio and raspberry themed Christmas one.


Not seasonal but the Kulon from Hong Kong Sweets is so cooling and not-too-sweet. The little pieces of fruit always taste fresh. It’s bestie Alice and mine’s favorite non-seasonal dessert.

Photos from the inside of Sweets Forest


All the cut-out fall forest decor is there year around. The first image is of Hong Kong Sweets.

Yes during our sakura season visit there was a sumo wrestler there with his handler (man in the plaid). Sumo wrestlers are a bit rare to see, but during tournaments you’ll see them more.


If I’ve sold you on Sweets Forest to visit here’s a map and my Sweets Forest recommendations.


Hong Kong Sweets everything I’ve gotten from them is amazing! Berry Berry can be hit and miss and sometimes Nature-Marche is a bit too cake and filling, but it’s usually tasty.


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The Q-Pot Cafe Secret Room ( or as they like to call it “SeQert Room” is a well known secret. It’s a full course of desserts that look like different types of savory food. In order to enjoy the “seqert room” You have to reserve on-line with a credit card. The card is charged and there is never a bill you see when dining.


This is a dessert, read more about what’s in it below.  :bow:

Alice and I had been planning to do it for a while, but we finally decided for a busy Sunday afternoon. Since it’s so hard not to wait for a good seat at Q-Pot Cafe on a Sunday, then our private room dining experience should feel even more fancy.

We opted for the Q-Pot Cafe Secret Room Full Course (SE“Q”RET ROOMフルコース) for 5,250 yen a person ($53 USD). There’s also cheaper puchi plans, afternoon tea courses and fancy anniversary plans but we wanted to go full out!


To get into the Seqert Room you must ring a bell and a panel opens.


Bestie Alice and I inside the Secret Room which is right in the center of the Q-Pot Cafe. It’s a small room that only sits 4 people but feels larger because of the full mirror. Did you notice the awesome drippy chandelier?


Of course we’re all taking tons of pictures. The theme for this room is MEAT. Turkey leg wallpaper and beef cut drawings. It’s whacky but is really cute at the same time.


Alice dressed up in spooky lolita style for the event. Doesn’t she look fabulous? She totally matches the decor too! She’s pictured with our first course

Q-Pot Cafe Secret Room First Course – Caviar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA qpot-secretroom-chocolatecaviar-closeup

“Qviar” and tooth garnish. Chocolate caviar that felt like tiny chocolate tapioca balls and tooth-shaped pancakes with a semi-sweet cream on top.


We also got a glass of non-alcoholic champagne during the event. All the Q-Pot Cafe’s large coffee and tea selection was unlimited and included during our Secret Room visit.

Secret Room Second Course – Pasta

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA q-pot cafe secret room

“Magic Pasta Carbonara”. This is the one I had a hard time convincing that it was a dessert. It totally looks like Carbonara right? That egg is splendid!

The “egg” was actually yuzu in a gelatin casing and it spilled over the creamy lemon pasta. It was very refreshing. The “cheese” is white chocolate shavings.

So our waitress keeps coming in always. It feels she’s only our waitress for this special time. She asks how it is and we reply it’s delicious and sweet. She says “Oh shucks, we keep hearing that all the time. I’m so disappointed with the cook! He keeps trying to make sweet things”

It’s a really cute running joke.

qpot-cafe-gentei-coffee-art OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coffee was unlimited and we got their special Q-Pot Cafe Christmas latte art designs.

q-pot cafe secret room

Of course all the silverware was tipped with the Q-Pot teapot logo.

Surprise Palette Cleanser – Salty Pasta Snacks


“Oh our chef messed up again and burnt the pasta. If you could just take this pasta it’d be great.” Ahh the running joke continues but this was so welcome! After two sweet course it was feeling a bit too much but the salty plain pasta was a wonderful palate cleanser and we crunched and got ready for more sweets.

Main Course – Meat


Whaaat? It’s meat! So rare.

It’s a “Suteki na Sutekki” that’s served at its most rare.

The blood of course is chocoalte, the meat was a combination of frozen raspberry sorbet and marshmallow with a graham cracker crust. The cooked garlic was chocolate crackle crunch.


The bread roll was actually a freeze dried orange and the mashed potatoes was a simple milk ice cream. The orange with the milk ice cream was a wonderful combination.

But we’re not done, there was actual dessert.

Apparent the SeQert Room is haunted!


After our meal our waitress  made us close our eyes and the box was opened (photo above). A cute-sounding ghost haunted our room and then was put back in the box. It was very  hard keeping our eyes closed with such silliness.


But our ghost left us something! His precious “Nantecotta Panacotta”. So delicious! We were each given a new glass container as a momento of our Q-Pot Cafe Secret Room visit along with a point card that with 10,000 yen ($100) we got a free dessert. Since we were already halfway there to $100 it was very exciting.


More copious drinks until we wanted to leave. The reservation says it’s only 90 minutes you can eat and enjoy but we did 2 hours. I don’t think there was a reservation after us.

Q-Pot Cafe Christmas themed Desserts


I really wanted to get a snowman cake, but I was too sugar-full to even think about ordering.

The Q-Pot Cafe itself is a wonderful experience but the Q-Pot Cafe Secret Room was a week-maker. It was the most delicious fun! In case you missed my previous Q-Pot Cafe post please check it out for it’s sakura desserts

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