A fabulous new book is coming out as an August issue for June called “The Marukyuu Book” The Shibuya 109 Bible (amazon.jp page). It’ll cost 1680 yen and is 114 pages.

The publisher put out a discussion of its contents that I translated

24 hours in 109. Documenting a day in the life of 109.

109 News:
109 Business topics. 109 net shop. 109 stage (the 8th floor with Mongrelly, MarpleQ, Jewels Prom). Lavish stores. 109 credit card information.

What personifies 109 beauty.

Emina posted this photo of herself in the book on her blog.

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A shorter mode post today since if you’re a facebook or twitter friend you may have guessed it’s a busy day for me :oops:

This week as I mentioned The Doll is all about Mode style.

:star2: Mode Inspired Make-up
:star2: Introducing Mode Gyaru
:star2: Mode Gyaru in Magazines
:star2: Mode Gyaru Street Snaps and In Store Trends
:star2: Mode Hair how-tos
:star2: Lip Service 109 to Overseas
:star2: Trendwatching: Dots & Stripes
:star2: Mode make-up 2: The smoky gyaru eye

So if you’ve picked up any older gyaru magazine lately (Jelly, Blenda, Nuts, SCawaii), you would have noticed the giant MODE usually in English popping out from a section of the magazines. Seriously it’s gone to extremes, SCawaii June issue discusses how to mix MODE with Sweet. It’s just all sorts of wrong, but I’ll forgive them.


Since in SCawaii’s March issue they broke down MODE trends pretty well. I think they’re missing some key looks, so I’ll be using them and pointing out some other key looks. :cheery:

SCawaii is mixing Mode with Celeb, there are certain differences. So I’ll be saying which is booming and not so booming in Mode Gyaru.

Young Celeb Mode is the Keyword

1. Deco Shoulder – This also fits with the military trend. This is not exactly a pure mode trend.

2. Bandage Skirt THE BIGGEST MODE TREND IS THE BANDAGE SKIRT. A tight lined miniskirt in the style of Herve Leger is the key for many Mode looks.

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I got the June Jelly yesterday and I’m so thrilled to have it my hands. It’s their fabulous fourth anniversary issue with great clothing, nail, and model talk. I’m wowed again! :loveword:


In Jelly Lip Service took out a four page spread dedicated to their golden week items! :cheery:

2. Get a Novelty Travel Bag!! – 4/29 til’ as long as supplies last, if you spend over 10,000 yen (∼$100.00), you get this original travel bag as a present.

3. Super Cute Mickey Mouse Tee♥ – On sale at 5/1, Mickey Mouse Tee makes an adult casual coordinate.

4. BIG Hit Eco Bag is now in Summery Terry Cloth! – On sale at 4/29, summery adult eco shopping bag. The terry cloth is best for summer!

5. “Nude Black” Tee & Sunglass Set Introduce! – On sale at 4/29, this season’s Lip Service theme of “Nude Black” logo t-shirt and sunglass set. Simple for daily wear.

6. Off Tickets are Coming Out! – (In store) If you spend more than 5,000 yen you’ll receive a 1,000 yen off ticket. From 4/23 to 5/9.

7. OMG!! In store Gatchapon Machines! – From 4/23 to 5/9 Gatchapon machines are in store. For 400 yen you can play. Inside are hair accessories.

8. On 4/29 and 5/1 there will be a sample giveaway. – All stores nationwide will be handing out passcases with 500 yen off tickets inside them.

9. Get eyelashes and body fragrance!! – Feather eyelashes are 1500 yen, diamante eyelashes are 1200 yen. Fragrance is 1900. All on sale at 4/29

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While I was in Hawaii I was able to nab the May issue of SCawaii with w*c chief Wakatsuki Chinatsu as the covergirl :korila:

It’s a fabulous issue and a few trend updates really stuck with me. SCawaii is doing a great job with their mag showing trends and great coordinates. Sometimes I pass them up for the flashier Popteen and Ageha, but SCawaii really does smart looks. :sparkle2:

Chinatsu in Chanel showcasing our Mori Jewelry trend. So hard to beat.

The title for this issue: Power Mori “Value Set” Issue (lol)

I talked about Mori (盛り) previously during the Mori Gyaru article, it is a verb meaning to raise or build up. It’s used more like a video game idea of Leveling Up. Kind of like how the chant “Age! Age!” has become some popular with gals (meaning to raise up as well). It’s so common to see in magazines recently when discussing hair, make-up, coordinates and now jewelry. :cheery:

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