Your gyaru detective is here, trudging the web to find more exhibition pictures that’ll give us a sneak peek to this Fall’s trending fashions. :waves:   :wink:

Some makes me salivate with credit card in hand. :heartlove:  Others make me want to go into my closet and hide and tell my clothes I do love them, it’s just their ugly sisters I hate :(

Brands below: Backs, Gilfy, Cecil McBee, Fabulous by Cecil McBee, Titty & Co, Moussy, Miia & Dazzlin

A note concerning fur:

There’s going to be a lot of fur fashion discussions with the upcoming season shaping up how it is, so I thought I’d get this out of the way. I understand people have polarizing opinions on the use of fur in fashion. The fact of the matter is we’re discussing Japanese fashion. I will not hide the use of fur, because I consider it my job to report on all gal fashion. Japanese fashion yearly uses a lot of fur and PETA and other campaigners have not gotten into Japanese mindsets. Fur is soft and warm, that’s all it is to Japanese. As consumers we make our own choices by supporting or boycotting items.

I implore ladies to keep the Doll from being a fur debate. This is a place to discuss fashion not to question ethics. Please keep the commentary strictly on fashion. :heart:


A look from the BACKS exhibition. Short pants, suspenders & bowler hats. Gyaru Newsie anyone? :cat:

Fur small items being marketed. Possible scrunchies?


More from the Gilfy exhibition. Long stoles, more leopard.

I admit seeing mannequins like this does make me think of a Real Doll teaparty or other creepy fetish things. :!:

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Scawaii August issue is a packed issue that I love to pieces. It has more Chinatsu Wakatsuki than you could hope for. However, the best piece was a sneak preview into future FALL trends! :heart:

TA-DA! Monster fur!

Fall’s Trend is Monster Fur

The hit is fluffy cartoon-like fur!!

I did mention in Ask Anything that I saw fur would be trending, and woot it is! :sparkle2:

From the SCawaii Insert: It’s still hot but there’ll be a shift change in Winter!! Which brings news of trend items. Immediately the Number One hit will be VOLUME FUR! It looks like you’re wearing a kigurumi on your legs. Fuzzy boots, leg warmers, bag, vest and coat will be the new items coming out in stores. Even though it will feel strange seeing Winter items in during Spring, and you’re think “Isn’t that early!?”. But, get the Monster Fur items for when it does become Winter!

Why it’s showing up in Gal

The first thing when I see a trend is I wonder where it’s from. This time it seems quite obvious it’s a rift of Chanel’s Fall 2010 RTW collection.

Taking place around an imported iceberg into Paris, Chanel’s collection was fur on fur on fur.

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Liz Lisa is having one of the best seasons of their 11 years. With everything they do natural: florals, denims, frills being in season they’re producing a ton of clothing.

They’ve also branched out into a home line. Under the Chambre à Coucher (bedchamber in French) label on their website they’ve added tons of girly accessories.

While I do not primarily spend my $$ on Liz Lisa, I must say I would be quite happy decorating a Japanese apartment with these sweet touches. :up:

Liz Lisa Home Office & School

Liz Lisa is starting girls young and it seems to be working. The home office/school accessories seem to be the best selling pieces of the Chambre à Coucher collection.

These pretty Gerbera Daisy clips could be a great gal home DIY project :sparkle2: (630 yen from Liz Lisa)

These Ranunculus magnets I’d love to try to DIY (also 630 from Liz Lisa)

The best selling item on the entire Liz Lisa site are these Rose pens. I really love their tiny Eiffel logo :hearts2:

Their notebooks (available in 3 designs) are gridded for kanji ease. (1,470 yen).

Most adorable is their slim planner, priced at 1,375 yen. So girly :hearts2:

Liz Lisa Stemware

Sadly no plates yet or tableware, but they do offer I nice drink selection.

Logo & Rose tumblers and sweet mugs. These look so relaxing and romantic to drink out of after a stressful day.

1,500 to 2,100 yen per glass from Liz Lisa (quite expensive!)

Liz Lisa Household Goods

Hand, face and bath towels in the Plain and Floral ranging from 2,100 to 3,675 yen.

Bathmat available in one design, while floor mat is available in several. Such a fancy entrance those roses make :stepup:

Such adorable pillows. The heart pillow has stolen mine. Except they’re 4,062 yen (around $42 USD… ouch!)

And to fully outfit a hime girly home, tissue box cover and bedspread.

Such a shame the bedspread doesn’t fit a queen. So tempting :hearts2:

While in the previous posts I have bemoaned the denim x floral overload that we’ve been seeing in collections. However, I admit I’m always happy to have more sweet floral home goods. I just love coming home to such girlish items. :upheart:

Liz Lisa is taking a bold step with their home goods. While it’s not new ground with Cecil McBee’s logo home goods, Cecil has made theirs only an on-line item and with boring logos.

In Japanese apartments, buying even a towel or a bathmat is done with care because of space issues. I do hope this line sells, and I will definitely be buying a few items when I’m back in Japan. However, it’s quite a gamble since the home wear market is pretty crowded.

I say BRING ON MORE GAL HOME! I’d love to see a chic Lip Service line next :up:

Finally the tides are slowly changing away from the ultra girly Spring. Behind the loads of floral print, lace and cancan hats lies more adult trends. Mode is really surging this summer and with it tie dye. Adult is finding Pucci better than switching their style to little girl prints.

So my rule for trend spotting is

:sparkle2: see it once: it’s a fluke
:sparkle2: see it twice: it’s copycatting
:sparkle2: see it thrice: IT’S A TREND! :wink:

Tie Dye

My first exposure to tiedye this Spring was the WC onesie.

Super cute with a nice feminine neckline.

Then I saw this Days of Freedom one. Separated at birth anyone…? :roll:

Now this could just be copycatting, but when searching for more tie dye I ran into so much clothing.

This trend is rising for a few reasons: it goes with the natural ethnic trend, it’s bold for more adult looks, it’s a changeable print that suits hippie and mode items alike. :sparkle2:

Take Gimlet’s takes on TIE DYE to see it work with gyaru clothing.

A playful, bright onesie fits the simple Spring.

In rows tie dye creates a very Ethnic Gyaru look.

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