I decided to split up Daily Mitsu July edition into two posts. Apparently I have been dressing up a lot lately so I’m making it a half month special edition :heart2:
Below: Outfits, hair change and kumatan deco :kumatan:

As always a Daily Mitsu post needs to start out with nails. I’m calling them my Ghetto Barbie nails.

Admittedly Tsubasa’s current nail line has inspired me to try all the pastels :stars:

I’m very into simple designs right now, so just OPI + acrylic 3-d bows done like Hello Kitty style. :bow:

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Last post we saw the good, the bad, and the OH HELL NO. :x Hopefully this post is the unicorn chaser for your soul if you felt a bit worried by Camping-Gyaru and Nordic Cabin Vacation Gyaru. :yayblush:

Spiral Girl

One of my favorite gal brands and also one of Tsubasa’s as well :heartsmile:

Key points: Lace up long boots, nordic prints, monster fur, oversized knit, khaki shorts

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Scawaii August issue is a packed issue that I love to pieces. It has more Chinatsu Wakatsuki than you could hope for. However, the best piece was a sneak preview into future FALL trends! :heart:

TA-DA! Monster fur!

Fall’s Trend is Monster Fur

The hit is fluffy cartoon-like fur!!

I did mention in Ask Anything that I saw fur would be trending, and woot it is! :sparkle2:

From the SCawaii Insert: It’s still hot but there’ll be a shift change in Winter!! Which brings news of trend items. Immediately the Number One hit will be VOLUME FUR! It looks like you’re wearing a kigurumi on your legs. Fuzzy boots, leg warmers, bag, vest and coat will be the new items coming out in stores. Even though it will feel strange seeing Winter items in during Spring, and you’re think “Isn’t that early!?”. But, get the Monster Fur items for when it does become Winter!

Why it’s showing up in Gal

The first thing when I see a trend is I wonder where it’s from. This time it seems quite obvious it’s a rift of Chanel’s Fall 2010 RTW collection.

Taking place around an imported iceberg into Paris, Chanel’s collection was fur on fur on fur.

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To be honest the Jelly August issue is a blatant in-between season issue. Full of diet tips, models own coordinates and pages of make-up. No news breaking trend in sight. :^_^;;: Well that’s what all August issues of magazines will end up being :depressed:

The cover is fly!

But wait, there’s awesome…!

However, they might have heard all my calls and put a WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME into ONE FEATURE!

Does is have Mode Gyaru? CHECK
Does it have superbod and style icon DETSU KOROHI? CHECK!
Does it have charisma shop staff girl extraordinaire EMINA? CHECK!

….and it has Gilfy, W♥C, Emoda, and Murua all with regular-ish gals doing coordinates! :cheery:

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