Violet LeBeaux has been doing a Sneaker Sunday on her love of sneakers, and I’ve wanted to get into the spirit since I’m a bit of a sneaker freaker myself :wink: I also got my W♥C order in so I had to break in my WC sneakers :wink:

Hurrah the dotted black ones :-D

This is going to be a bit of an all-over-the-place post since I was quite a busy bee today. Starting with strawberries!

I went to the local Strawberry Festival :cheery:

The world’s largest Strawberry Shortcake. It was HUUUUUUUGE!

All the strawberry shortcake slices lined up in a row. :stars:

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Super quick post since I’m yet again out of town and being a busy bee. :cheery:

The ultra fabulous Chinatsu Wakatsuki has released a ton of items for WC summer.

There’s tons of new clothing on the website, including WC logo underwear teehee! Too fun!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new releases. :loveword:

So much to buy and so little money :^_^;;:

Golden Week Lucky Bags

What’s even worse money wise is the 109 webstore is offering fabulous Golden Week lucky bags. All are 5250 yen (around 50.00 USD) and contain around 5 items. The best thing… they’re not all sold out! :icon_eek:

Agejo lover Golds Infinity, rock-kei Glad News, amkaji Vence, pop-style Miia and more are offering grab bags. Ohhhh dear, so hard to pass up :!:

Miia – 15000 worth of items (around $150.00) clothing + a small item

Liz Lisa – Denim bag, a t-shirt, a scrunchie and some other things. 5 items in total.

Glad News – All they say is it’s summery items. (still want)

Golds Infinity – 5 items in total. A top, bottoms, hair fragrance and popular items

Arghhh I want the Glad News and Miia ones. Damn you fabulous gal stores. :evil: I’m going crazy with clothing want :-S :hearts3:

I was feeling meh most of this month since the weather was wonky and I got sick, but here’s a few selected outfits/make.

Slanted sparkle white + peach french along with dots, a 3-d big dot and large diamond shapes. I think they look really organic and remind me of sea life. Pretty short this time :mrgreen:

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I started a tumblr as an experiment. It’s just gal bits I’ve bought or are on my wish list. If you’re interested check out :stars:

I went back to Vicki at Nail Mogul and got a fill yesterday. :sparkle2:  Only $40.00 :oops: I’m using my saved cash to buy some new Spring shoes :idea:

I was totally inspired by
Chinatsu Wakatsuki’s new nails
, but wanted some monotone for the last bits of winter. w♥c is love. :up:

Yup they’re pretty damn long this time. :upheart:

Outfits over the month…

Pre-nail visit :cheery:

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