After the seriousness of the last post I think some whimsical, fun clothing is in order. I must say, ladies we gotta do it for ourselves since who else will. Be strong, be fabulous, be sexy, and keep it classy :o

Chinatsu Wakatsuki is definitely doing it for herself, girl is queen of the town. She appeared in both Jelly and Popteen recently on specials of who is running the gal world. Who is? DAMN right she is. :arrow:

So w♥c’s new catalog is wonderfully up on-line, here, and I love her whimsical style of graphic art and sleek posing. Although sometimes it makes it hard to see the actual clothes :^_^;;:  I absolutely love that she lists all the prices for her looks! This is fabulous :love: :love:

A preview of the looks and then selected bits below!

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I’ve been tweeting on miss_mitsu about a ton of new Spring items and model talk. Recently: Valentine’s High’s recent bear love, ultra-thin Kanako feels her legs are fat, although her recent shots prove the opposite, w*c unveils their new “ugly” hat, Liz Lisa’s romantic floral dress, Tralala’s black sweet box for Valentine’s chocolate, Swordfish’s amusing “Player” purse, and one*spo’s ultra western looks

Also ASK ANYTHING is still open til February 12th so submit any questions you have or things you’d like to see on the Doll~

More Spring brand updates

Finally brands are going into Spring production mode and there’s a lot of eyecandy to be looked at by wc, ReDark, Mar*s, Valentines High, Delyle and LB-03.

ReDark is doing yet another RENEWAL and their look seems slightly vintage / slightly w*c / and a bit SUPER

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I had quit circle lens for a while because of the ugly truth of living in Japan and having circle lens. Gal is sometimes a nasty, disgusting thing. With 12.790 million people living in Tokyo (and more that commute in from Chiba and Yokohama), and most taking public transportation you touch what they touch so contagious problems always fester. I came down with pink eye 3 times in Tokyo last summer/winter. :twisted: I had not worn circle lens before that and had 0 issues with pink eye. So I think circle lens can speed up the problems. :twisted: When you see people with eyepatches, it’s not cosplay  :twisted:

Just letting you know when you get a bad case of pink eye and get so bad you feel blind and get a fever. Taking a bus half blind to a to a hospital and then doctor you don’t know in a second language is a shitty and frightening experience. :^_^;;:

But onto circle lens and the joy of them :idea: . Circle lens are a pain in the booty to shop for with light eyes. Most circle lens make everyone look like a clone/robot, but with light eyes and dark rims the creepy part intensfies.

3 circle lens with NO MAKE on. First two are with eyelash extensions.

Natural eye, no make (a bit red from allergies, sorry :^_^;;: )

Geo Angel BLUE

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I took out my exte and while I’m sad I did because they were pretty healthy, I am enjoying the freedom of less hair. Heat kills exte, so stay away from all heat: blowdriers, straighteners, curling irons… the whole damage cabal! Sadly I couldn’t agree to that for my NYE hair so I had to chop off quite a few dead-ends.

I also kept using my exte as an excuse not to work out. :^_^;;:   Washing / airdrying / setting exte is a long pain in the booty and goes against the sweatfest of running. Now I’m running 5-6k 5 days a week and burning all the Japan chub :roll:

Now I’m bob-a-licious and the new blog design shows a model from the Egg shopping website,while she’s a horrid model with the fly catching mouth pose, I’m in love with the bold streak and length of her hair. Soon my hair will possess both, too :idea:   So I look at her and look forward to a new hair me. :wink:


Avatar movie seeing:
Jacket: Glad News
Cardi: One Way
Dress: Spiral Girl
Boots: Flag-J

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