Want to promote your fashion webstore, product or website? gets 1,000-2000 unique visitors a day. Universal-Doll also has 1.5k of blog readers on the site bloglovin and is in the top 50 of street style blogs. Universal-Doll’s readers tend to be between 15 and 35 and are fashion forward and love Japanese and Korean goods. 

Examples but not limited to what products Universal-Doll can advertise for you

Circle Lens must provide pair and giveaway item

Make-up Product – must provide complimentary product

–  Clothing, must provide the Doll with an item or two to review

Shopping Service, must allow the Doll to use it free once or provide readers with a discount

– other Female oriented products and services


If this applies to you and you’d like Universal-Doll to help out your business then please contact 


I will only reply to offers that state:

– their product

– their website

– their offer

– a reply e-mail address


In turn you will receive a comprehensive post from me featuring several links to your site and products, several photos as well as more information for my readers about your services. I will also post on all social medias sites (twitter, facebook, tumblr) and if it is a giveaway I will continue to promote the giveaway for the month it continues.

Banner ads are a separate cost and are not provided free in combination with giveaway or review. Ads are sold in 3 month increments.  Please contact for current prices.



Vague offers will not be replied to. I do not promote websites that sell fakes.


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Message to Japanese inquiry:

Universal-Doll is an English-language blog about Japanese street fashion. It features Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku style. Universal-Doll gets 2,500 to 3,500 readers daily. The readers are interested in Japanese fashion, make-up, food and travel. Universal-Doll’s blogger is Mitsu. Mitsu has lived two years in Japan. Now she visits 2 months out of the year. If you’re interested in selling your goods to people overseas Universal-Doll is a good blog for that. Please feel free to contact me. Japanese is okay.

Universal-Doll ( ユニバーサルドール)は英語の渋谷系や原宿系など関する日本ストリートファションノブログです. 毎日2,500-3,500人は読んでいます。universal dollはブロガーがミツと呼んでいます. 彼女は日本のファションやメイクや料理や旅行など色々な日本の関することが興味を持っています. 2年間に日本に住んでいましたが、アメリカに帰国してから1年中に2ヶ月くらい日本まで戻って行きます. 日本外に商品を販売して欲しいということにあったら、是非遠慮なくご連絡して下さい。日本語でも大丈夫です。どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。


  1. February 5, 2017 / 8:12 am

    mitsu, i found you through google search on ottana kawai…i love how you write you blog..nice to blog-meet you…I also love travel but ive been to most country in europe and some in Asia…Love to visit Japan one day too…keep in touch…

    • Mitsu
      February 5, 2017 / 2:00 pm

      How cool, thanks for the comment :) Hope you keep enjoying :)

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